oven roasted rosa tomato side

I just love tomatoes.  They are such versatile fruits (or is it a veg? – see below*). Either way, it’s one of the easiest ways to tick off one veg a day.  Eat them hot or cold, on their own or mixed with lots of other ingredients for salads or stews, in hot or cold […]

OPI’s Strawberry Margarita {nail colour of the week}

    “one strawberry margarita, please!” Fancy a cocktail on a scorching day? Me too, which is why I’m loving OPI’s Strawberry Margarita during the hot, summer Jozi months. Yay for pretty pink summer nails! Nails done at Gloss Nail & Beauty (@GlossNail) is based in Birdhaven, Jozi. Contact them on: 011 447 9273. Their manicurists […]

14 fab fragrances for feb

There are only a few things that can make a girl feel instantly sexier and a fab fragrance is one of them. Before the month of February is over, I’d like to share 14 fab scents that I’ve tried, tested & picked over the past few weeks: PERSONAL FAVOURITES 1. Mysterious & appealing. That is […]

Valentine’s Treat: Strawberry & Coconut biscuits

Home-made biscuits make me feel really warm & fuzzy. Maybe it’s the smell that fills your home or the satisfaction of having tea with biscuits that you made by hand…. Anyway… This recipe is the absolute perfect treat to bake for teachers, kiddos, grandparents or someone you have a – old or new – crush […]

Welcome to aZestyLife {a big round of applause}

Welcome to aZestyLife! February has always been a very exciting month for me. Mostly because it’s my birthday month. But, the excitement has just gotten even more, will the official launch of aZestyLife. Join me as we walk through everyday life and add bits that create a more inspired, beautiful life. Whether it has to […]