facial wipes {a zesty test – beauty basics}

I’m on a mission to get my beauty basics in place. Off course we all need fashion colours for our lips, eyes & nails, fragrance & anti-ageing potions & lotions… But, to me, it’s very important to have your beauty basics in place & review them every now & then.

Obviously beauty basics are not the same for everyone. You need the right stuff for your current lifestyle. If you’re a jet setter, your beauty basics might be slightly different from those  of a sleep-deprived, busy mommy.

One of my top items to have on hand for lazy evenings, the odd outdoor adventure and travels is a pack of wipes. Here’e my list of tried & tested brands:

tested facial wipes

My favourites are:

I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the Woolworths wipes (R39.99, 25 wipes). Lovely fragrance, good sized wipe, soft on the skin & reasonably priced. Yay (as always), for Woolies!

TLC deep cleanse make-up remover wipes 3in1 (R24.95, 40 wipes) for sensitive & normal skin. It claims to cleanse, tone and even moisturise.  I used this & left for the day (yup, sans moisturiser) & my skin felt surprisingly good. Naturally you can’t skip moisturiser every day, but this is great to have on hand on those very late, tired evenings.

A real winner. Simple Facial Wipes 25’s Cleansing (R39.95, 25 wipes) contains no perfume, alcohol or oil & basically does what it promises.  I wouldn’t call these wipes super soft, but they’re definitely soft enough.


As for the rest…

Johnson’s Face Care daily essentials facial cleansing wipes for all skin types (R44.99, 25 wipes) is perfume free & it does remove waterproof mascara after a few wipes. But, it’s slightly soapy & too wet to my liking.

Neutrogena Make Up Removing Wipes 25’s (R54.95, 25 towelettes) is a soft wipe that removes make-up quite easily. But in my opinion it’s not worth the premium pricing.

As a rule, I’m a big fan of any beauty  product containing rooibos. However, I’ll rather skip the Rooibos Facial Wipes 25’s (R37.50, 25 wipes) in future. If you enjoy a soapy, fragranced wipe, then this one is for you.

Dove Cosmetics Wipes 25’s (R24.95). Although it claims to be fragrance free – I still didn’t enjoy the smell (or lack thereof?). After using it, my skin felt sticky & I still had the desire to wash my face with water & a face cloth. Sadly not my favourite Dove product.

Yolandi ♥


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