foodie crushes {belle’s skinny menu, lou harvey party jar, Solms-Delta Lekkerwijn}

My latest foody crushes are real gems.. they are:

Belle’s Skinny Menu. Do you ever wish that the healthy menu options are not so scarce!? And that you can have something really yummy & satisfying without all the guilt? Well, look no further than Belle’s Patisserie in BluBird Shopping Centre (Atholl Oaklands) & Sandton. I remember previously walking past Belle’s & instantly felt like I’ve gained 2kg’s just by looking at the decadent sweet creations.

Raw Almond-Coconut Energy Bites - you won't believe how yummy this is!

Raw Almond-Coconut Energy Bites – you won’t believe how yummy this is!


Belles Patisserie 3

Linda, owner of Belle's with Jocelyn of Bodycoach, at the launch of the skinny menu Linda, owner of Belle’s with Jocelyn of Bodycoach, at the launch of the skinny menu

Now you can have a yummy Raw Almond-Coconut Energy Bite (one of my absolute favourites) with you decaf skinny latté & feel satisfied. Other items on the menu that you can look forward to include Belle’s Raw Food Smoothie (with avo to make it really creamy), Home-made Nut Granola which contains absolutely no grains & is sooooo yummy! There are some salads, fantastic breakfasts & mains.

Owner, Linda Lipchitz, says: “The skinny new menu is not about dieting. It’s about coming & still enjoying your food.” It’s not about being deprived either. You can now indulge in a very healthy lunch & still indulge in one of Belle’s award winning cupcakes without all the guilt. Linda worked with Jocelyn Thompson (of The Bodycoach®) to create this fantastic menu. You’ll love it – a healthy menu that will leave you without cravings & energy lows.

Lou Harvey isn’t really a brand that you’ll associate with food. And to be quite honest, this item is not exactly foody, but it will make your next tea party or picnic birthday so much easier to pull off.  Yup, the Lou Harvey Party Jar is a great buy at R330. It contains 12 cupcake wrappers, 12 food toppers, 20 paper straws & even 7 metres of bunting. So handy! And it comes in three designs (China Rose Red – my choice, pictured here; Alec the Aviator and Worthington Manor). All you need now is a table cloth, some cupcakes, a yummy punch & you’re set. You can even use the jar as a vase for your flowers. Find your nearest stockist here.

Lou Harvey Party Jar

Over a taps style Sunday lunch, friends introduced us to the 2012 Solms-Delta Lekkerwijn (R67 a bottle, available here) & I’m hooked! This wyn is most certainly lekker. Mostly I’m put off by the Rosé look, but this is a fantastic dry blend of Mourvèdre, Viognier and Grenache. It will also go very well with salmon. Read reviews about this lovely wine by guru Michael Olivier – here & here.

Solms Delta Lekkerwijn


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