3 body product finds {NIVEA in-shower skin conditioner, Annique correction repairing, FINO soothe}

Some beauty problems are just plain unnecessary…. like ingrown hairs, stretch marks, & dry winter skin when the seasons start changing. So, lately I’ve been trying & loving some products that will help you cope with these unwelcome little beauty niggles.

Apart from cellulite, stretch marks are one of those stubborn beauty issues that just don’t seem to budge, so I’m very keen to try whatever it takes to get rid of these (post-baby) uglies! A trusted beauty therapist recommended the Annique Correxion Reparing Body Cream (R259, 150ml), so I gave it a bash & I can see improvement already! Essentially it stimulates cell regeneration & makes your skin more supple. It’s important, though, to remember that new stretch marks will fade much easier than older ones. Contact Annique on (012) 345-9800 to find your closest stockist.


Although non-negotiable, waxing & shaving are not the most exciting beauty past times – especially if you end up with razor bumps or ingrown hairs afterwards. Thank goodness for a product like FINO Soothe WOMAN (R75, 50ml) that keeps your skin baby soft & smooth. Yay! It’s a local product that can be applied after waxing or shaving & can even be applied over razor cuts. A really fab product to have in your beauty kit.


After reading the rave review in the Beauty Issue (April 2014) of Marie Claire magazine, I was really eager to try out the NIVEA In-Shower Body Conditioner. It’s simply applied in the shower, rinsed off & you’re ready to get dressed. Now, let me first say that I’m obsessed with moisturising – my face, body, hands, feet. I chose the one for dry skin since the seasons are changing… which means even drier skin. My main criteria was to really feel moisturised after using the product & it did. At only R39.99 for 400ml or R29.99 for 250ml – I would recommend this for every shower. Such an innovative product that makes life so much easier.

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2 Comments on 3 body product finds {NIVEA in-shower skin conditioner, Annique correction repairing, FINO soothe}

  1. christa
    June 9, 2014 at 5:13 am (4 years ago)

    Tried the Nivea — may just become one of the stick-for-life favourite products …

    • Yolandi
      June 10, 2014 at 4:04 am (4 years ago)

      I agree – very handy! x


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