top hair tips for busy gals {part 1}

Welcome to Part 1 of the Best Hair Tips for busy gals.

If you’re anything like me, then you probably also wish that you can pull a beanie over your head & leave the house on busy days. Yup, us gals are busy busy busy & in need of quick tips for (well, just about everything), but especially for hair! Fear not. I have picked the brains of three top SA celeb stylists & asked for their THREE TOP TIPS to get you great hair – in no time.

Initially I was going to give you all of their tips in one post, but these guys are so talented & cramming everything into one post would not have done them justice. I decided to rather give each stylist his own post. After all, you’ll need about a week to get into the groove of implementing each weeks tips. 

Whether you’re busy living the good (or hard?) life of a student, running after little people all day or climbing the corporate ladder (or possibly a crazy combo of all of the above)… listen up. Here are first three secrets to great hair. 

The first of our three stylists is…


Shaughn Adams

  1. Start with the right shampoo & conditioner. “Get the best product possible and wash your hair only two or three times a week.”
  2. “Use thermal protector, otherwise you’ll end up scorched hair.” And how do you choose a thermal protector? “Spray the product on the back of one of your hands. Now ask someone to blow your hair dryer onto both hands. You need to feel a clear difference on the hand with the protective layer.” Remember that the idea is not to fry your neck, ears and hair just for the sake of having great hair. A practical solution that Shaughn recommends is to divide your hair into smaller sections. When using your straightening iron, don’t go over one piece of hair 20 times. Rather straighten 20 smaller pieces, but only once.
  3. The importance of quality tools. A good bristle brush is a starting point. As a rule you should look for a brush with more bristles per hole. The closer the bristles are, the smoother your appearance will be. Also only use a wide tooth comb for moist hair. It means less tangled, damaged hair.

Shaughn has been stylist to Jo-Ann Strauss for many, many years. Contact Image and Hair (Observatory, Cape Town) on or 021 447 4426 / 7.

Hope you have a happy (busy) hair weekend!

Yolandi ♥


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