wonderous star & lincoln park after dark by opi {nail colour of the week}

This is quite a sad little tale that I’m about to tell you…

I lost my wedding ring about five months ago… &  after the initial hunt (sadly, no treasure found) & sadness… I still have no ring…. The problem is that I haven’t found (or made?) the time to go & get a new ring (I know, I know… such 1st world problems…)

Anyway, so in the meantime I’m sporting a wooden ring on my ring finger OR I’m dressing my (ring) fingernails up a bit to make up for the lack of bling on my finger…. The result? Dark & sexy nails with a touch of glam on my ring fingers…

Opi ringfinger bling (2)

I think it’s a pretty cool (temporary) solution.

Yolandi ♥

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