i’m back

Long time no see, right?! Well, hopefully I’m back in business now…

Where have I been…? Let’s just say that a week away in lovely sunny, summery weather is bliss, but returning to icy Jozi & load shedding, is not fun. Top that with a few nights in the peadiatric ward with our little one & you have a recipe for a very…. um… sleep deprived & unhappy baby, mommy & daddy – to put it mildly. Then, the mom & dad (that’s us!) also get sick & everyone has a sense of humour failure…

I really do hope that we’ve finally turned a corner now & that my blocked nose & self-pity will make way for some yummy winter recipes, inspirational beauty tricks, fab ideas & reviews.

So, these tulips are a special (virtual) pick-me-up. They are for me & for every gal, mom & wife who keeps other (big & small) people happy & healthy, whilst managing to stay calm, friendly, healthy & happy herself. 🙂

pic via tumblr

pic via tumblr

Yolandi ♥


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