LeefSPA Competition Winner Announcement

a BIG thank you to everyone who entered the competition & thanx to LééfSPA for the wonderful prize of a 60 minute full body massage.

I loved reading all the entries in response to the question: “What makes you feel beloved?” What I realized was that it’s the small things in life that make us feel beloved. A cup of tea served by someone special. Being spoken to in your love language. The special bond between a parent & child. Spouses who really love & appreciate one another. Small gestures.

The reason why I chose ANDREW FEHRSEN as the WINNER, is mostly because it is so special that a husband enters on behalf of his wife. Here is what he wrote:

In short: My wife.

In a little longer: My wife. Her incredible heart to serve me and our home. The way she puts my needs before hers so often without even thinking about it. The way she folds my laundry “just right”. How often I notice men “having a look” and she doesn’t even realise because she only has eyes for one man, me. My wife.

*If I win, she will be getting the prize. I Already have mine.

How is this for an entry! Fantastic, hey? Congrats Andrew (& Michelle).

Happy Monday.

Yolandi ♥

Ps. All pics courtesy of LééfSPA.

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