foodie crushes: on-the-go snacks {vital mini rice cakes; mcnab’s foodbar; woolies slimmer’s bars}

Among other things, winter means ‘the munchies’ to me! Sticking to healthy snacking is tricky, but if you stock up on healthier snacks, your figure will thank you for it later! Here are three of my fave (healthier) on-the-go snacks:

If potato chips are what you’re craving, then give the Vital Mini Rice Cakes (R7.99, 30g; R12.99 for 125g) a try. Sure, they’re not crisps but it gives the same amount of satisfaction, without the added fat & guilt. There’s more: no wheat, colourants or preservatives & it comes in five delicious flavours, with the latest being Creamy Cheddar.

Mini Rice Cakes Creamy Cheddar

At first you might not believe that a McNab’s Energy Foodbar (R7.98, at forecourts, pharmacies & supermarkets) is a raw foodbar, purely because it is so delicious. This chocolate coated snack is ideal for those who are still very active despite the winter (hats off!). Not recommended for couch potatoes though, as it will give you energy that you won’t use & well… make you fat! Choose between Cape Apricot, Red Apple or African Cocoa.

Ilani Vonk Photography-20

Tired of digging for that over-ripe babana or less-than-fresh apple in your handbag or drawer? Then grab some Woolworths Slimmer’s Bars to keep in your office, car & bag. The ideal fruit replacement for those days that you are just running, running, running. My latest favourite is the Date & Cinnamon bar (R6.95, 30g). And with only 461 kilojoules, your conscience will also be satisfied!


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