“Beauty is all about healthy, glowing skin,” says international make-up guru, Bobbi Brown. How you get that skin, does not only depend on the products that you use. Flawless skin starts with nutrition – for the body and skin. And with the barefaced beauty trend that is all the craze at the moment (as seen on the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks of Alexander Wang & Balmain), you will need healthy, well-conditioned skin more than ever before.

So, on a recent visit to one of the Bobbi Brown counters for some valuable skin care tips, I picked up some valuable advice on nutrition for a porcelain doll appearance. It starts with these five:


VITAMIN A for ANTI-AGEING – yup, munch away on carrots, spinach, watercress, broccoli, sweet potato & melons. Also look for (collagen boosting) retinol in your products for plumper, firmer, more elastic skin.

For CLARITY, add VITAMIN C to your regime & diet. Don’t hold back on strawberries, kiwi fruit, peppers, leafy greens & guavas.

VITAMIN E is your weapon against the harsh ENVIRONMENT. This great source of hydration can be found in unsalted raw nuts, salmon, mackerel, avocado, seeds & olive oil.

BIOTIN (Vitamin B7, also referred to as Vitamin H) with its healing & moisturizing properties is not often mentioned when there is talk of healthy skin. But Bobbi is serious about getting enough of it in the form of peanut butter, whole grains, eggs & liver.

WATER. Obvious item, I know, but so vital for your skin that it is always worth a mention. If you find it tastes too bland, skip the flavoured bottled water & flavour your own with fruit, lime, cucumber and/or mint. Watery fruits like water melon are also a great way of increasing your water intake. And when it is cold outside, sip on decaf herbal teas to make sure you stay hydrated.

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