Thanx to all the lovely lady (& one gentleman) who entered the competition with The Parks.

Here is Varsha’s winning entry:

Mmm.. no budget constraints.. mmm.. It will be an early morning to ensure I’m all packed and ready and on the road with my loved one to the airport. Then we will board our private charter, first class of course.. destination Vic falls!! We will catch a small nap on the one hour forty minute flight and arrive all refreshed for a romantic breakfast in a secluded park overlooking the falls. We will dine on some salty cracks, ‘cos who does not like those, with Beluga caviar, the most expensive caviar in the world. Moving onto the main breakfast, some scrambled eggs with truffle slices, avo, smoked Scottish salmon and toasted baguettes. This will all be washed down with some Goût de Diamants champagne. Once breakfast is done, we will catch the helicopter which will drop us off at the top of Devil’s pool, taking the rest of our champagne with to sip on as we relax in the pool on top of the world!”

I would have loved to give each entrant a prize, because every lady deserves a bit of pampering! I also loved seeing that many of you think of family, friends & of those in need first,& would consider a great free morning one which you can spend helping others. Very inspiring!

Enjoy the rest of Women’s Month & keep reading aZestyLife!

Yolandi ♥

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