foodie crushes: Russian Doll Kitchen Goodies

How cute are Russian dollies? I can’t put my finger on why I love them so much. Maybe it’s the surprise element? Or just the fact that they’re such fun to unpack? Anyhow, they’re still as cute (or even cuter) today as they were when first carved back in 1890.

Whether you like to call them matryoshka dolls, Russian nesting dolls or babushka dolls, there’s loads of fun to be had when decorating with these dolls. In fact, I can just imagine how cute an entire babushka doll themed kitchen can be, can’t you?!  So, I started searching…

Online, you’ll find load of items from around the globe like aprons, water jugs, cookie cutters & measuring cups (which I’ve also spotted at some Big Blue stores at around R260).

russian dol measuring cups (1)

I’ve also found a few – locally available – options that I’m very excited to share with you:

A really fun gift idea is fresh home made biscuits inside a pretty jar or beautiful cookie tin. Enter this lovely Russian Doll cake tin from Mr Price Home (R69). 

Russian dollie cookie tin collage

Store-M’s are not your usual plastic storage boxes. They’re pretty & will keep left-overs or lunches fresh for a loooong time! Available online at the In Good Company store (R175 for a set of three).

russian doll food containers

Then lastly, I’ve spotted these little glass Babushcups (R260 for three) at the Macaroon store in Greenside. Sadly, they’re not availble from their online store.

babushkups (1)

There you have it – some Russian Dollies that will add a bit of zest to any kitchen. 

Zdarov’ye! (Russian for Enjoy!)

Yolandi ♥

Pictures sourced from e-commerce sites as per links above. Babushkups pic: Source.

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