During the month of September, I (along with selected other bloggers) had the opportunity to try out the brand new Oral B Pro-Expert toothpaste. I knew that the guys at Oral-B are the experts in oral health care, but I was hooked on my previous toothpaste that addressed my specific concern… plus, I was not interested in changing to an electric toothbrush…(Where have I been? It rocks…)

But I thought, why not!? If it doesn’t work, then I can just go back to my old ways. Needless to say: I’m now officially hooked on my new regime (including an electric brush & the Pro-Expert Toothpaste!).Oral-B Pro Expert Fresh Mint - featured image

If you consider that you have more bacteria in your mouth right now than there are people on earth, then you need the very best toothpaste out there & I can honestly say that this is it – the proof is in the research (& my first hand experience, of course).

Here are some facts about Oral-B Pro-Expert (available R34.99 at super markets):

  • It contains granules that give you that squeaky clean feeling – as if your teeth were cleaned by a dentist.
  • It’s not a health vs cosmetics paste, meaning that it addresses all health & cosmetic issues making your teeth stronger, less sensitive, whiter & prevents stains from returning.
  • The technology behind this paste is the unique, revolutionary combination of stannous fluoride & sodium hexametaphosphate (sounds like Greek, I know!). Basically it took Oral-B 15 years of R&D to successfully combine these two ingredients that can sort out loads of problems (like cavities, gum problems, plaque build-up…).
  • It shows results – from day one. No kidding!
  • You need less of this paste to achieve the same results as with other pastes.

I know that looking after your teeth is not fun for everyone, so if you need a bit more convincing about the importance of oral care (& have not already rushed off to buy your Pro-Expert paste), then consider this: bad oral hygiene has been linked to heart disease & compromised overall health. Some illnesses (like diabetes and HIV/AIDS) can lower the body’s resistance to infection, making oral health problems more severe. Poor dental health & gum disease have also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease & dementia. Men with a history of gum disease could be at increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer & erectile dysfunction. Yikes!

But, enough of the seriousness: smiling & good oral hygiene is also great for your looks, social life, self-esteem & even your success!

Now you know exactly why you should be looking after those pearly whites & what you should be using too.

Try it – you’ll love it!

Yolandi ♥


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