It’s no secret around – I love Christmas. Most years I host Xmas in July (in some shape or form)  & shortly after I start planning for Xmas in December! Luckily I know a few girls who are also (like me) a bit besotted with Christmas & already have trees & decorations up (yup, that’s right – on the 3rd of November), so that makes me feel a bit less like an over-eager-Xmas-beaver!

It’s not so much about the gifts, but the whole build-up, decorations, surprise, anticipation. (I’m sure I got my sense of occasion from my gran who started planning & buying items for Christmas in July already each year!)

What’s not to love about markets (ideally without the crowds), getting crafty, decorating your home, listening to XMas music, dreaming up wonderful unusual gift ideas, having a excuse to get together for long lunches or dinners, baking, finding recipes, working on clever ways to make things special without spending a fortune & the highlight: wrapping the gifts!

And then I also love love love an advent calendar. My first advent calendar was as a young high school girl in Germany on an exchange programme. The guest mother sewed one  especially for me. Oh the excitement of checking each little stocking everyday for a little treat! (Advent calendars were probably available in South Africa at the time, but I don’t think that was quite an Afrikaans thing… who knows…?)

So, as a grown-up girl I obviously still love chocolate, but in an ideal world, I (& my waist line) would prefer to receive a mini pamper item in each of my advent stockings or behind each of my little advent house doors.


Well, that exactly what I’ve done this year & I’m going to share it with you over the next few weeks of November so that you still have sufficient time to make your advent calendars up before 1 December.

You’ll have to go with me on this one & pretend that I don’t know what’s behind each door so that you can experience my excitement when I ‘discover’ each item. A bit silly, but fun, right?

Without further ado (& because due to power outages, I haven’t been able to share with you from the 1st of the month),  I’m going to reveal my first 4  little items from my “beauty advent calendar”.

When making your own little beauty advent calendar, you don’t have to break the bank though. You can collect little samples or find loads of affordable items at a chemist.

DOOR #1 { Sorbet voucher }

Ok, ok. I know that not everyone regards vouchers as the most original gift, but they’re so practical. And with a Sorbet voucher, you can have your pick of so many different treats like mani, pedi, facial or waxing at any of their stores or countrywide. Or you can have a blow out (at one of the dry bars). So, the Sorbet voucher, is the the perfect thing to kick-start the month of celebrations / crazy last minute work-deadlines or the holiday!

Sorbet (1)

Sorbet (2)

DOOR #2 {Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Lipstick }

On day 1 you got a bit of a general beauty spoil, so for day 2 I’ve chosen something slightly more practical: the Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Lipstick (R256; call 011 791 3567 for your closest stockist). The name is a bit deceiving because this is a lip balm and not a lipstick (with colour), but it is exactly what you need to get through the festive season without cracked lips. I’ve been using mine for a while now & I love it! For daytime use I’ll still want use a lip balm with an SPF in, but I love this stick for pre-bed time lip nourishment.

BIOEFFECT (1) - Copy


DOOR #3 { BIOEFFECT Body Intensive Age-Defying Body Serum }

And now something really fantastic for your body – especially if you’re in the age bracket where ageing becomes a concern. The BIOEFFECT range which contains EGF (epidermal growth factor) has taken the world by storm & the BIOEFFECT Body Intensive Age-Defying Body Serum is no exception. It promises replenished, softer & firmer skin, so it’s definitely recommended if you have problem areas. At R 950 (for 75ml), it’s quite a generous gift from Santa, but it’s worth it! Available from Placecol salons country wide. Customer Care 0861 11 22 22.



DOOR #4 { Essence Nail Art 3D Jewels Set }

This is not your type of thing, but it certainly could be something fun for a party! The Essence Nail Art 3D Jewels Set (R45, buy it here) is exactly what you need to give your party outfit a bit of oompf without spending a fortune!



Essence (3)

So, make sure you keep visiting aZestyLife to see what’s behind door nr 5!

Yolandi ♥

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