Surviving The Silly Season {Part 1: Getting Things Done}

I don’t know about you, but the closer I get to December & Christmas, the slower I seem to get things done. I realise that I might have taken on a bit too much (not complaining about work coming my way through, but still), when all I really want to do is wrap gifts, bake biscuits & sip something yummy while doing it…

So, on a recent morning walk, I devised 3 mini-plans to getting things done as the season gets sillier & sillier. Here they are:

3 Ways To Get More Done During The Silly Season:

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1. Take an off-line day

The thought of an off-line day may sound terrifying to some – especially if you’re in a certain line of work. But it is actually one of the basic things you can do to regain focus. When I already battle to focus, I find that social media or my mailbox filling up with more & more stuff send me off track instantly & I get overwhelmed. So switching my phone to silent or ‘do not disturb mode’ & skipping the mailbox & social media for a day, can do wonders for my to do list (& sanity). Try it – you’ll see what I mean.

2. Making a short “urgent” to do list every day

Realistically this often doesn’t work out the way I plan because some tasks simply take way more time. Plus having a little one throws you a curve ball quite often. However, following this tip (to some extent) – as suggested by Emma from over here is a great way to prioritise & not get frazzled by your every growing list. Emma also has some other fab tips on productivity (here).

3. Negotiate some ‘you time’, some additional, productive work or play time.

With a little guy in the house who is not very interested in sleep, I often find that even trying to get up at crazy hours to get some things done, wakes him up. What happens? What was supposed to be a productive session, then turns in to play time at 5:00 am! Very cute, but often frustrating.

So I find the following really helps:

* Be good to yourself during this time of year – whatever this might mean to you.

Personally, I find myself craving more and more treats like a nice blowout or a pedi when I get stressed. I use the treatment time at the blowdry bar to have a mini recharge (sitting with your eyes closed during your hair wash at a blow dry bar works wonders) & I then also try to plan or type away while having a little pamper; it’s also great if you can take advantage of their free wi-fi while you’re at it . The change of scenery also gives me new inspiration.

Find time for some silence & focus.

I’ve always loved silence, but since becoming a mom & working from home, I crave quiet & time to really focus much more. My tip is to negotiate with your other half (or granny or nanny) to take your little person or people (away) so that you can potter, nap, pray or work in the silence of your own space. It might mean that you take turns to go to kiddie parties, play dates or grocery shopping. Who knows, a power nap, coffee with a friend or maybe even just sitting with a cup of tea, reading, doing some Christmas crafts or wrapping a few gifts might be exactly what you need as a mini end-of-year energy boost.

Check out Part 2 of Surviving The Silly Season & the gifting madness.

Good luck with crunch time as the year draws to an end & may your to-do lists shrink at the speed of light!

Yolandi ♥

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  1. Veronica Bettencourt
    December 20, 2017 at 4:16 pm (2 months ago)

    I struggle most with the me time. I either have no time for myself or I spend too much time on myself haha! Thanks for the great advice though! 🙂


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