I’d like to believe that technology has enabled us to work smarter & save so much time that we have more & more opportunity to do the things that we really love (like salon & spa treatments, of course). Sadly the opposite is true. The better technology gets, the less time we have. Ironic, no?

But then technology comes to the resque again – in the form of beauty gadgets! So, whether you have a budget to consider (who doesn’t?), time issues or just simply hate the idea of being pampered & touched by a stranger (seriously though?), then investing in reputable home beautifying gear is for you! Here are some of my current favourites:



Say hello to silky smooth heels with the Emjoi Micro-Pedi – a battery operated device with a unique roller made from mineral sand paper. It turns 360 degrees & 30 times each second. Even men love this gadget, so get yourself or your partner one at R399 (including free delivery nationwide) from A word of caution: the rollers should – for hygiene purposes – only be used on one person.

For you if you… don’t have time or budget to go for regular pedicures.


Clarisonic - Front Mia 2

If you haven’t heard yet, then listen up because early 2015 will see the arrival of the Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System (R2499 – R3499; three different models) in South Africa. Thanx to L’Oreal, you too – like millions of people worldwide – will be able to get yours from selected Stuttafords stores, I haven’t tried this one as yet, but beauty guru & Clarisonic addict, Elsa Kruger from Mooipraatjies Met Elsa gave me her take:

“I abhor visible, open pores & rough skin texture. I bought a Clarisonic Pro (now branded the Clarisonic Plus) about four years ago in the USA. It was love at first sonic spin! …I use my brush every morning with a foam cleanser & although only one minute’s action is recommended, I prefer to set the timer on two minutes. And yes, it is true that the Clarisonic cleans better than hands alone… I just look at the clarity and texture of my skin to confirm the difference. It is worth every cent (the price in SA will be on par with the US prices, it seems) & replacing the brush heads every three months is also not too costly.”

For you if you… hate rough skin texture & need to know that your cleansing routine is giving you the very best anti-ageing benefits too.




The Bellabaci Body Cups cups will literally ‘kiss’ your cellulite way. It has been proved to aid cellulite reduction, pain, spider veins, excess fluid, headaches & migraines.Order yours over here at only R350 (set of two cups).

When using these regularly & along with exercise (like squats & lunges for your thighs & buttocks) & a great cellulite product (love the Babor ones) – you will see really great results.

Take care not to pull off the cups too hard when it has ‘sucked’ onto your skin, as you might end up with some hickies (remember those yucky ‘suck kiss bruises’ from high school)… eeuw! Also apply some body oil before using the cups so that they glide over your skin easily.

For you if you… Need to get rid of that cellulite, but cannot get to a salon for an intense toning experience.


Philips ProCareHP8260 resized

A good chef needs good knives, just like a pro hairstylist needs a proper hairdryer. But who said that it’s only the pro’s who deserve the best? Enter the clever people from Philips who make pro equipment available & affordable with their Philips ProCare dryer (HP 8260). Yup, now you & I can also get a really ‘wow’ blow dry at home. For only around R500 (at Clicks, Dion Wired & here), you will get benefits like EHD™ (Even Heat Distribution) Technology and Ionic Care which means anti-static drying, an awesome cool shot button to ‘set’ your style and a rather powerful engin (2300W).

For you if you… are still sporting a small, outdated little dryer that leaves your hair burnt, full of static electricity & looking all awful. Or if you are simply keen to get a brand new dryer!


Clinique Sonic System

As far as cleansing aids go, I can honestly say that the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush leaves your skin as squeeky clean.

Not only is it affordable & developed by dermatologists. Clinique revolutionised the 3 Step cleansing system (facial cleanser, toner & moisturiser) & the Sonic System will take it to a brand new level. The 35 000 teeny tiny bristles vibrate to give you a powerful, yet gentle cleanse.Notice the green bristles on the one side? Those are for your t-zone & will ensure that all the oils & impurities are removed.  The white bristles are slightly harder & are used on the rest of your skin.

It handles really easily & switches off automatically after 30 seconds so you know how long you’ve been going), charges via USB cable & is waterproof which means that you can use it in the shower!

Just a word of caution: you might notice an initial breakout when first using a cleansing brush, so start off by using it every other day instead! Also stay away from exfoliating when using the brush, as the combination of the two will be way too harsh on your skin.

Order online over here (R1 600) or get yours at selected Stuttafords stores – if you’re lucky enough to find one in store (these sell like hot cakes!).

For you if you… want to get that squeaky clean feeling quickly & easily (like in your shower).

Who knows… Santa might be generous & pop some (or all!) of these in your Christmas stocking)?! (Except for the Clarisonic that you will have to ask your Valentine for!)

Yolandi ♥



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