We will soon be leaving our beloved condo, in exchange for what will probably be a grown-up, suburban home. The time is right. I know. But I feel a bit like the time when I had to let my little student car (a VW beetle or Volla affectionately called Gert) go. I knew the timing was right to move on, but I was still so so sad. After all, the grown up version (of the car that I was getting) was more sensible, but not even remotely as cool as Gert. We’re excited for the next chapter of our lives, but still I’m writing this with a little sadness…

My love affair with our condo (or apartment of flat – call it what you like) began when we set foot here for the very first time. Now, after almost four years, we have come to the point where we know (sadly) that it’s time to go. If you are a fan of Giuliana & Bill Rancic, then you might remember a Season 1 episode where they had lengthy debates about ‘City or the Suburbs’. That was more or less our dilemma over the past year since our little guy became mobile.

Essentially this post is a reminder for me about how much I love love love apartment living. This was confirmed again during our brief stay in Cape Town over the weekend in a tiny, but über trendy designer apartment… Here’s a sneak peak of it: (Amazing, I know… you can also rent it here).

airbnb apartment

Here goes… a few thoughts on…

THE UP SIDE OF APARTMENT LIVING (providing you find the right type of well kept building)

  • It is hard to explain, but I love the idea of a condo. The lock-up-&-go, trendy big city lifestyle. Amazing.
  • The location is often such that you are walking distance from vibey stores and restaurants. Across the road from us are fantastic restaurants; a fantastic Mexican place, a trendy Craft Beer Bar & a Gourmet Pizza place. The amazing little coffee shop around the corner also doubles up as a ‘board room’ / meeting room / coffice (coffee shop + office) for me. Very convenient – wifi, coffee, cool music….
  • I love to watch the faces of new visitors. Since the outside of the building looks rather old, they are usually amazed at the space & beauty of the actual apartment.
  • It makes me feel young, trendy & in the loop.
  • Little maintenance. Truly a lock-up & go lifestyle.
  • If you’re lucky enough you might have a lovely view – especially if you’re up in the air.


  • You still hear your neighbours & you could potentially end up with a seriousy noisy bunch next to you, but in a strange way it is actually a comforting thought to know that the people upstairs, downstairs & next door are very close, but not too close.
  • You have to live by the rules of the building (sometimes a bit painful)…
  • It’s not ideal for a toddler (or a pet) who wants to run around outside.
  • You might not have the benefit of walking straight into your own garden, but then you probably have the benefit of some kind of garden – just not your own & just not on your doorstep.
  • You have to carry your groceries, baby, shopping, sporting equipment etc etc up the stairs. Then that’s what online shopping & elevators are for, right?

To end on a happy note: I hope to share a mini home tour & some mini room make-overs of our beloved condo in the near future. Watch this space.

Yolandi ♥


Ps. What are your thoughts? Condo / apartment / suburb? Leave a comment & let me know. 🙂


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