internet inspo #2

Today I’m sharing some practical tips, pretty bits & some food for thought.

PRACTICAL TIPS: Once the clearing bug bites, I often find myself uncertain where to start & end up spinning around very unproductively, which is why I loved these tips for quick kitchen cleaning from Good Housekeeping, and these on cleaning your home fast. So do-able and easy.

EXCITING, PRETTY THINGS: During a recent visit to Cape Town, I popped in at Cavendish Square where I haven’t been in ages. I discovered the most amazing pop-up shop called The Feature Store. Everything in this store is absolutely awesome, but two brands really stood out: Zana Products (Just look at these beautiful magazine holders) & aLoveSupreme stationery – with such fun greeting, playing cards, and the loveliest wrapping paper ever! LOVE.

Oh yes, and then I am also sooo excited to start working with Marsel Roothman soon. She is a young, but hugely talented photographer. You will love her work & will soon be seeing more of it on aZestyLife too! Yay. Check out this picnic shoot & this beautiful kitchen tea shoot.

And finally, some FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The past week I was working on and researching a feature about how to instill a love of reading in children & came across an article about the benefits of reading and wiritng on actual paper. Not only is there something about writing, sending or receiving hand written notes, but there is also evidence that reading and writing on real paper is better for your brain than mobile device.

Yolandi ♥

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