Who has time to wash & blow dry every day? In my opinion, there are better ways to spend your precious hours, so you need to be clever about getting & keeping a really great blow out. Here are my top 10 tips to make a blowout last (& last, & last).


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  1. This may sound obvious, but avoid playing with your hair. (Eek. I’m so guilty of this.)
  2. Plan your workouts around your blowouts. For instance, wash & blow after your Thursday evening workout. Give yourself off from gym on Friday & Saturday. Exercise on Sunday & only wash again on Monday morning.
  3. Make friends with dry shampoo. Check out my review of a variety of dry shampoo’s over here. The Davines Hair Refresher – Dry Cleansing Mist (available at Carlton Hair Salons for R270), is another winner that I discovered recently.
  4. Rinse, rinse & rinse again. When you feel like you have rinsed your hair enough, rinse for at least another minute. It has also been said that a cool rinse is better, as hot water will stimulate the oil glands.
  5. Hold back on products for maximum freshness. Too much product equals oiliness.
  6. Use a satin pillow case. Not only is a good for your skin, but it will also not absorb your natural hair oils as easily as a cotton version – a satin pillow case also means fewer sleep wrinkles in the morning. I love these Satin Pillow cases from Dear Deer available at Rubybox (R149.95) & they’re available in a variety of colours.
  7. Brush less often. Rather comb or finger style when possible as brushing distributes the oil through your hair.
  8. Wear a shower cap. You can even use curlers under your cap for extra volume.
  9. Wash less often. Experts believe that one can ‘train’ hair to be washed less. Achieve a quick style refresh by just washing your sweep or bang & tying the rest of your hair up.
  10. Opt for a weekly visit to the dry bar. This may not sound very budget friendly, but consider the time, products wasted & damage done to your hear by washing & styling daily. A professional wash and blow simply lasts much longer than a home job. Sorbet Dry Bars – with stores in Gauteng & the Western Cape – offer a wash & blow dry for R165. Carlton Hair Blow Dry Bars (in Melrose Arch, Hyde Park, Canal Walk, Cavendish & Constantia) only charge R150 for a wash & blow. Not bad for star treatment!

There you have it. Cheers to many great hair days,

Yolandi ♥

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