The past month has seen the start of a brand spanking new chapter in our lives. It has been super busy & I would be lying if said that there weren’t any challenges & stresses!

In case you thought that we were just lazing around, here’s an idea of what we’ve been up to: left a job (well, my other half, not me), had a going away party, birthday celebrations, bought a real *grown-up* home, packed up our lives & sent it across the country, had a major cold (that knocked our entire family… sadly we haven’t all recovered completely), moved into our new home, I started a life-changing diet (more about that later), hosted a – slightly early – second bday celebration & spent hours unpacking, decorating, sorting & contemplating how to decorate our wonderful new space. Phew.

Lucky for me (& thanx to the wonderful world of technology & aeroplanes), I can still continue with my writing, blogging & other fun things – no matter where in the country or in the world I am. Hooray the interwebs.

What I’ve realised once again over the past few weeks is that new is good & exciting. But new is also hard, stressful & needs some time to settle. I’ve also gained a new appreciation for support networks, amazing friends & family.

So, it is also a new chapter for aZestyLife & I’m so excited to share lots of wonderful inspirational bits over the next few months like: wonderful new product ranges that I’ve been trying out; home tours (including one of our apartment); yummy things to eat & a brand new logo!

Hooray! I’m excited! Please pop in often.

the best time for new beginnings, is now

Yolandi ♥

Ps. Thanx to Vrai & Oro for the cool quote that I used as my featured image!

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