I will admit it. I am biased when it comes to German products. They all just seem to be brilliant. Be it appliances (yay for Philips), cars (think Mercedes… Audi… BMW… Volkswagen…), skincare (Nivea, Eucerin) & fashion (Boss, Adidas, Puma). The list goes on. The thing with German brands is that they usually have a long history, have been tried & tested, & live up to the claims they make. These products are often not cheap, but the value for money is outstanding.

Enter BABOR & it’s no surprise that the Germans have, yet again, developed another outstanding product range called ReVersive. 
Babor Range & Delia

I can keep you busy for hours with the facts, figures & detail of this range, but I’d rather just give you the most vital points to note:

1. The rose fragrance is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. So is the stylish, yet contemporary packaging of rose gold, pink & black. These two factors alone will win you over. The pump action is a bonus, because it means that no bacteria will be getting into your product.

ReVersive Range2. The four star ingredients have the common goal of reactivating & mainstaining beauty. They are:

Telovitin: based on Nobel-prize research & keeps cells young

Agicyl: neutralises free radicals & environmental aggressors

Lumicol: activates a protein that destroys pigmentation marks for even-looking complexion & radiant skin

Epocyl (obtained from plankton): instantly smoothes

3. The face of BABOR ReVersive is beautiful Jozi-born international fashion model Delia Sievers.


4. The range does not come cheap, but one would expect nothing less from this world class product. It comprises the following products:

The serum(s): ReVersive anti-aging dual serum (set of four): 4x 8.7ml, R3650. An innovative system where each is used for seven days.


The moisturiser: Choose from either the ReVersive anti-ageing cream (R2560, 50ml) OR ReVersive anti-ageing cream rich (R2783, 50ml) for dry skin.

The eye cream: ReVersive anti-ageing eye cream (R1319, 15ml) – ophthalmologist-tested & ideal for sensitive eyes.

5. A BABOR ReVersive facial treatment (of 100 minutes) is also available at selected salons. Find one near you at


6. It works. During a recent chat to an aquintance – in her late thirties, possibly early fourties – I immediately noticed how absolutely flawless & radiant skin. (Naturally) I asked about the products that she was using & (not surprising) it was the Babor ReVersive range! Even she was surprised at the amazing results. So it’s true: Babor ReVersive does exactly what the name suggests – it reverses the signs of ageing. I’ve also personally had a brief trial of the anti-ageing cream & it is a winner.


Then lastly, a little something about the wonderful high tea launch event hosted at the newly refurbished Westcliff Four Seasons Hotel. The setting was totally opulent with pink roses, flowers all around & a really fabulous spread of treats… So yum & stylish! Thanx Babor.

photo 4 photo 3 At the event

There you have it – German precision, a local face & an international product all combined for the ultimate in world-class results. If it fits into your budget, then give it a try. You’ll love it.

Yolandi ♥

Images: Babor








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