Nail art will always put a smile on my face & luckily it is still fashionable so too will be spot on if you decide to have fun with your nails this season.

Now I’m not talking crazy nails like Lily Allen, Rihanna, Katie Perry, Fergie or Lady Gaga.

Fergie via photos dot toofab dot com


Katy Perry via photos dot toofab dot com


Sure, I take my hat off to Gaga & the others who have the time & guts to wear super long, crazy nails, but for most of us that just won’t do.


To me, nail art still needs to be practical & not impair your ability to carry on with your life or daily tasks.  So, although I don’t wear fancy nail art very often, I do find them to be so much fun! Particularly a ‘french mani’ with fun colours or a simple look like one of these:

via elegantweddinginvites dot com


Kendal Jenner via photos dot toofab dot com


Gold-Manicure-2-612x942 - via


Gold-manicure-2 - via becauseiamaddicted dot net


fine neon mani via lackfein dot blogspot dot de



Zooey Deschanel is one of my favourite celebs when it comes to nail art, so take your cue from her when going for fun at your fingertips:

  • Keeping your nails short & groomed.
  • Keep in line with your personality. If you’re witty & playful like Zooey, then make sure your nails are too.
  • Keep your diary in mind. Zooey often has her nail art done in the theme of the event that she will be attending, but if you have an important meeting set up with your big boss, then rather stick with natural nails.
  • Have it done professionally. If you’re lucky enough to live in sunny South Africa, then ask what your favourite nail bar charges for nail art. You will find that a skilled manicurist won’t charge a lot, plus you will have the bonus of not sitting for hours trying to get the perfect look at home.
  • Wear it with style & show it off. But, if it is not your thing, then rather give it a skip. Really, it’s ok. You can still admire Zooey’s fun nails on Intagram.
Zooe Dechanel Collage

via Instagram (@zooeydeschanel)


Pinterest is always great for inspiration. Or check out this lovely site (I have no idea what it says but the pics are very cool… maybe I should have taken French instead of German after all…).

These three easy video tutorials courtesy of Essie will teach you step-by-step to do one of these looks:

Linen Tweed [Essie colours used: spin the bottlepearly whiteallure & blanc]


image: supplied

Little Luxuries [Essie colours used: mint candy apple & blanc]

little luxuries via nailsart dot com


French Plum [Essie colours used: bahama mama & midnight cami]

french plum via essie dot com



Can’t wait to have some nail fun. If you do too, then be sure to take a #nelfie (nail selfie – LOL) & share it!

Happy Monday!

Yolandi ♥





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