A peek inside… the Parkmore home of Francoise Pinillos Saer

Today I am delighted to welcome you into the home of Francoise Pinillos Saer.

If you ever thought that the abode of a chartered accountant & medical doctor would be dull or boring, then think again. Francoise & husband Tono created a stylish space that is also warm & welcoming.

Francoise explains where it all began. “We were looking for a place when we first got married. I had reached my moment of ‘no no no more show houses’, but Tono found this place online. As we pulled up outside this complex one cold Sunday afternoon, I thought: you have got to be kidding me. Peach cakey walls! I was coerced to go look inside & I knew straight away that this was the home that I’ve been looking for. The space, the openness, the view into the garden as you enter, the light bouncing off the mirrors. Love!”


She personally decorated & styled the home, “with one or two key items chosen by my husband (much to my surprise and delight). I’m training his creative eye, one item at a time,” she teases.


The entire downstairs section of the house – made up of the lounge, dining room, entrance & kitchen – is her favourite space. This is also where they spend most of their time during summer. “We open the sliding doors, slide open our large windows & allow the breeze to filter through our house while listening to music in the background. Just pottering around really.”

cropped living room

Yolandi_interiors__111This is their sanctuary to recharge and relax away from their busy lives. “We like to entertain in summer & read a good book under a blanket in winter. One of our favourite things to do is throw a cork for Bo (the cat) to chase after! She absolutely loves it, and even brings it back for us to throw again.”

“I don’t want to follow any one specific style, but love seeing an amalgamation of styles. I’m sentimental & like to see pieces that I stared at as a child in my mother’s house, now sitting in my house surrounded by new décor. Not only fun, but personal!” says Francoise when asked about the style of the home.

Her favourite piece of décor? Undoubtedly the mirror wall. “I have always wanted one”.


Although the couple did some renovations to the home before moving in in December 2010, it is far from ‘done’, explains Francoise who always has some DIY projects in mind for the home. “My mind constantly ticks over with creative concepts.  I was first & foremost a creative before I became a doctor, so I see the world as art & not science.”

Their bedroom is where they spend most time on winter days. “With the afternoon sun pouring in, Bo permanently glued to our bed; under our feather duvet… We talk & laugh endlessly.”


What are their favourite memories made here so far? “We have so many good & funny moments shared together in this home. Mundane daily-living, as well as dealing with some tough moments. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”


What a lovely, happy & blessed home. Thank you for sharing it Francoise.

Yolandi ♥

All images: Marsel Roothman Photography


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