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I have a little card (framed &) on my desk that reads: “Why on earth do you want to be like everyone else?” It sounds obvious, but it’s worth reminding ourselves every now & then why we are unique. Especially when our confidence is affected… Which brings me to my first pieces of #InternetInspo about loving your body, & wisdom from kids about being yourself, plus an interesting look into the future of a couple as they ‘age’ together.

Speaking of confidence – there is probably no other journey in life that can affect your self image (good & bad) in such a huge way as being a parent. One minute you feel like the most loved & wanted person; the next, you’re convinced that you are a total failure (of a parent). Watch this & this for a bit of a chuckle & maybe a tear or two.

An then a few fun bits:

Check out this spectacular Instagram account (#bernulia). Looks like a true artist can make something spectacular out of almost anything!

This made me chuckle – it’s soo funny & sooo true. The little white lies we choose to tell ourselves.  #DailyDishonesty

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i have read - dailudishonesty dot com


And then, finally, something local & ‘mahala’ (yes, for free) courtesy of The Pretty Blog & Seven Swans. Download these awesome South African postcard printables now:



Happy weekend!

Yolandi ♥


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