I love fresh fruit & veg, but if you told me 15 years ago that I would (happily) drink raw vegetable juices, I would have chuckled.  Why would you drink veg juice? I eat a balanced diet & love chewing my veg, so why drink it? The truth is that we (as a family) don’t always eat the quantity of veggies that we should. This is especially true in winter when we consume copious amounts of hot beverages & forget about salads all too often. So, a quick veggie juice gives you an alternative way to pack in some goodness in a yummy & fast way.

Veg juice 4


A small slice of fresh ginger

2 oranges, peeled

5 carrots, washed (no need to peel – just remove top & tails)

Optional: a sprinkle Cayenne Pepper

Veg juice 2

Get your juicer ready, make sure your ingredients are washed & chopped into small enough chunks for the juicer. Pop them in & out comes your juice. Scoop off the majority of the foamy residue at the top of the juice & discard. Stir & pour the juice over some ice. If you are adding some cayenne pepper, then sprinkle a very tiny bit on top, stir & sip away. Easy.

Veg juice 3


Veg juice 4

New to juicing? Here are MY 6 TOP TIPS FOR JUICING:

  1. Start with veggies & fruits that you like & introduce the potent ones (celery, cabbage, ginger, spinach, radish) as you get used to the idea of sipping your veggies.
  2. You might get a head rush or feel slightly nauseous for a moment the first few times that you drink fresh juice. This is a good thing & will soon pass. You will eventually start craving the juice if you do it regularly.
  3. Remember that juic does not provide fibre, so eat up on those foods that are good for your digestive system.
  4. Pour your juice over ice & sip with a straw – it simply tastes better when it is ice cold.
  5. Drink your juice straight away or store it in an air tight jar for only a few hours. If you leave it, it will lose lots of the freshly squeezes goodness.
  6. Go slow on the fruit. There are no rules in terms of what you can add to your juice. Fruit will certainly make it taste much better, but it contains way too much sugar, so keep it to the absolute minimum.Veg juice 5



good quality juicer plays a major part in getting the most out of your veggie juice experience. Don’t have a juicer? Then why not have a look at the Philips Avance? I had the opportunity to test it & I am hugely impressed.  I love the super convenient jug that comes with it, plus the juicer itself has little non-slip feet. It is also much less noisy than the juicer that I used previously. It’s really powerful (with an 800W motor) & you can make up to 2,5 litres of juice in one go. The very best bit: all the removable parts are dishwasher safe! Hooray.

Avance Juicer_HR187104


So, are you keen to start juicing (again)?

Yolandi ♥


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