Let’s kick start the weekend with some bits from the Interwebs to inspire, make you smile & hopefully start a conversation… Enjoy!

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Some ideas & tips on work…

Learing to say no.

Read this if you work from home.

No matter how old or young you are, you can still stand up for something that matters – Vivienne Harr of STAND (only 11 years old) is the perfect example.

On beauty…

Totally love this concept of reverse before & afters.

Apparently this is the haircut that will look great on anyone. You like?


On life…

Old gals give their younger selves some advice… [Side note: how trendy is the first lady in this clip? Fab leather jacket, make-up & glasses. I’m stealing her style for one day…]

Ever wondered how often you should wash your bras?

This post about being in limbo resonated so much with me. Not because I’m in limbo at the moment, but because I can relate to the ‘pros & cons’ of two totally different living environments…

Then some tips for hosting overnight guests.


On technology…

Now something way more serious. The topic of Cyber Bullying. Also check out this TED TALK on the topic.

Let’s end off on a lighter note by looking at things that will happen if you don’t take your phone out right this second… Too funny!

Hooray it’s Friday.

Yolandi ♥

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