I can still remember very clearly: sitting in the ante-natal class hearing all about how (post-birth) you will eventually find the ‘New Normal’. Fast forward 2.5 years & I still ask myself weekly – if not daily – so what & where is the “New Normal”?

Maybe it is because we decided that I will not go back to work full time – & rather work from home – after having our little guy?

Maybe I’m not the perfect ‘little child’ mom? Maybe teenage kids are my thing? Maybe some other life changes (moving etc) have contributed to my ‘Non Normal’ feelings?

What is normal anyway? Was it life as a student? Life as a young working girl? Life as a young married couple?

It is not normal to have a crazy interrupted sleep cycle. It is not normal to look at your body & be rather shocked. Or is it? Am I just a normal mom feeling a bit out of sorts? [Don’t get me wrong: I adore our little guy  & I’m hugely grateful for my life. But…]

New Normal 3

Normal to me is feeling like ME. Which, to be honest has not been what I’ve felt since falling pregnant. Normal is feeling comfortable in your skin & in your life. Or maybe the ‘New Normal’ should be called the ‘Non Normal’? Maybe it is God’s (& life’s) way of teaching us new things, making us stronger in the process, learning to rely more on Him. Maybe the ‘New Normal’ is supposed to not feel so normal, so that moms can stay on their toes…?

I’m curious: have you found your New Normal? Ever? Or maybe you know where the “New Normal” is hiding…

I’m still holding thumbs that some day I will actually be able to find some sort of (new & wonderful) normal again. Or maybe the ‘New Abnormal’ eventually starts to feel like Normal.

Until then, lots of love

Yolandi ♥



  1. Sula
    October 13, 2015 at 10:17 am (2 years ago)

    Methinks normal is over rated


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