Welcome to the second edition of my Six Hairstyles in Six Months.


The Inspiration

A more practical version of Look #1. Sure, it isn’t a drastic change, but it is still rather different from my previous ‘Alexa Chung’ inspired look.

The current look

The medium, shoulder length dark roots remained, but with the addition of baby lights which are created by carefully weaving thin highlights into the hair. A sublte side sweep was also added. It is really natural & reminds me of little childrens’ hair.
Yolandi - STYLE 2 - 28 AUG

Yolandi - STYLE 2 - 28 AUG (2)


What I love about this style:

It is still semi practical. Sure, the Alexa style was lovely (especially the darker hue), but sadly the grey shone through, so the baby lights were the obvious choice to camouflage the silvery strands. Although it is not ideal to stretch your colours for about seven to eight weeks, I got really sick. My friend (& mother of 1) if you don’t have more than one child this time around things simply worked out like that & I am honestly impressed: I looked decent for almost eight weeks.

The downside of this style:

There’s not much not to love about it, except for the fact that it is not a statement style. Meaning that it won’t turn heads.

Tips, Notes, Tricks:

Baby lights are perfect if you have some grey & cannot colour every four to six weeks.

This style is really versatile & great for moms: it can be tied up; worn with a bit of  a feathery side fringe or not; styled straight or some curls added; worn in a mini bun for exercise of even get a bit creative with some braids or hair accessories.

As with any colour treated style home care is essential. Good salon products are a must to keep the style vibrant.

Yolandi - STYLE 2 - 28 AUG(3)

Today I am going to get my hair sorted for Style #3 & I’m super excited. Watch this space.

Yolandi ♥

Hair: David Gillson, master stylist at Carlton Hair; Make-up: Bobbi Brown; Photo’s: Lucinda van Staden; Coffee shop photo taken at: Grounded; Model: me!


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