I’ve been putting this post off for weeks now & after lots of deliberation I realised why. Because this is no quick fix. There is no ‘wow’ or ‘aha’ moment with this treatment. Naturally it is awesome to write abouta ‘miracle’ treatment! Sure, there are few products or treatments on the market that are ‘miracle workers’ – like Botox & fillers (read more about it here). But most products & treatments that are reputable & effective will show results over time(!) & will usually last longer.

This is also the case with the Neck & Décolleté AFT (Advanced Fluorescent Technology) Pulsed Light treatment at Placecol salons. I recently had the opportunity to try it out at the Garden Route Branch. Obviously a beautiful neck & bust (aka décolleté) starts with basic skincare (see my tips here), but a reputable in-salon treatment is a fantastic addition to your skincare regime.

You might have heard that AFT (Advanced Fluorescent Technology) Pulsed Light treatment is used with success for hair removal too, but it’s also effective in treating pigmentation & rejuvenating aged skin on the neck & décolleté area.

To know up front:

  • It is a painless in-salon treatment with no down time.
  • The price tag won’t fit everyone’s budget. One treatment costs about R850 & more than one session is required to really see results.
  • It is not a guessing game & can only be performed by a specially qualified therapist.
  • AFT is effective in treating age spots, pigmentation and redness due to broken capillaries. This specialised treatment that is available at selected Placecol Skin Care Clinics only.

My experience:

Firstly, the area to be treated is marked with a white pencil & cleaned with a toner. Then a clear ultrasound gel is applied for protection & for ease of movement of the handset over your skin. The machine’s light is very bright, so the client and therapist both need goggles.

photo 1

Here I am sporting the protective goggles. Can barely keep myself from giggling!

The area is measured very specifically so that the time selected on the machine is ideal for the area. The handset heats up gradually, so that there is really minimum discomfort. Although hot, I did not experience the treatment as sore or uncomfortable at all. But, it isn’t a relaxing treatment though.

photo 4

The results:

I have to honestly say though that I have not noticed a major improvement, but then again maybe I’m too young…? I see signs of ageing on my decollete, but a once off treatment only did not show massive improvement. The therapist, Elmien (who is really knowleadgeable), says that the improvement & client satisfaction is really great after a series of treatments! Here’s some proof:


Image: supplied by Placecol

pigmentation 3

Image: supplied by Placecol

After the treatment, a rescue treatment is applied to the skin. The skin is also very vulnerable after the treatment, so an SPF is highly recommended.

A note on pigmentation:

If you suffer from bad pigmentation, you will notice that the spots are more noticeable after the treatment. It is therefore crucial to be thorough with sunscreen application for a week or two. The pigmentation will not miraculously disappear though, but instead it will become much much lighter. Regular follow-up treatments will gradually lighten spots.


After the AFT treatment, I was keen for some relaxing & had the Placecol signature Moisture Hold Facial (R350). It is a lovely relaxing facial, plus it is perfect for those battling with dry, sensitive & dehydrated skin. Soft Laser® is used together with a Rejuvenating Cocoa Mask for long-lasting hydration, restored moisture & suppleness. The massage during this treatment is heavenly!

As always, the Placecol salon experience is a friendly & professional one, so pick up the phone & book your anti-ageing treatment or facial now!

Yolandi ♥

Ps. a bit more about the AFT treatments at Placecol:

Advanced Fluorescent Technology Treatmetns - Copy



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