A peek inside… Karie Venter’s Jozi apartment

In life you get those who move into a place & inhabit (or squat in) it. Then you get those who make a space a home with a heart & a soul – even if it is not their own & even if they’re only going to spend a short amount of time there. Our dear dear friend, Karen (Karie) Venter is one of the latter.

I’m so proud to welcome her to aZestyLife today! Karie is hands down one of the best homemakers I know. And that includes decorating, entertaining, cooking, organizing, crafting & doing amazing mosaic work. Since this shoot of her rented apartment in Jozi, she has moved into her first very own place which she also revamped  & decorated. (Which, by the way, also looks a.m.a.z.i.n.g!)

But back to the lovely Jozi apartment in Craighall Park. Karie & I were roommates in this very complex (but in a different unit with our dear friend Christelle) before I got married & became all grown-up!  Haha.

The complex is simply one of a kind. Beautifully kept. Central, but still quiet.  Lush gardens, pool, tennis court, play area for kiddos & close to everything. Spacious & peaceful.

Here’s a look at Karie’s place:KarenVenterInteriors 0002

KarenVenterInteriors 0024

“My bedroom is my favourite space in the apartment. It is spacious with a big sliding door overlooking gardens & trees; & lots of sunlight pouring in.” She chuckles when asked what she enjoyed to do most in this space. “Sleeping! I love sleeping! Best time of the day… But also reading a good book or just relaxing.”

KarenVenterInteriors 0010 KarenVenterInteriors 0011

“My style is ‘a little bit of everything’ (I think). A mixture of contemporary, arts & crafts, & shabby chic. The main goal for me when decorating is to make it homely. And it must be pretty! Essentially I love mixing up different styles. I love starting off with neutral colours & then add accents for variety.”

Collage - Kari

Her favourite piece of décor? “I love my paper mache wall light shaped like a buffalo and my yellow cabinet.”

KarenVenterInteriors 0005

Karie shared this space with her sister (Ursula) until she moved to her new home. Ursula also has a knack for decorating & putting together some really inspirational spaces (& parties!), as you can see in her room:

KarenVenterInteriors 0020 KarenVenterInteriors 0018

It’s not surprising that most time was spent in the living room…. & more specifically on the couch. “I don’t regard myself as a couch potato BUT I do love my couch. It’s just soooo comfortable! I love watching TV to unwind & relax. I’m a sucker for series, good programmes & movies. The room also has natural light & is perfect for soaking up the sun on a lazy afternoon.”

KarenVenterInteriors 0035

“Some of my favourite memories are of special dinners with friends & family around the dining room table. Great fun!”

KarenVenterInteriors 0032

All of the furniture (barring one or two pieces) in her home was made by her dad, Nick. She explains: “Some have been in the family for some time, while other pieces were made especially for me (like my bookshelves). Most of the items were painted or given a bit of a facelift with some paint, stenciling or new knobs.”

KarenVenterInteriors 0027 KarenVenterInteriors 0034 KarenVenterInteriors 0025

Thanx so much for inviting us into your place, Karie. Love you lots & lots.

Yolandi ♥

All images: Marsel Roothman Photography

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