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We have just returned from a (pre-holiday season) break by the sea, which means that we have more reserves to face the rest of the year (well, all six weeks of it) & all the visitors that we’ll be entertaining over for the festive season.

Here are some links I’ve come across & loved over the past few weeks:

How awesome is this blog (Becoming Minimalist).

Wine vs. Exercise.

Every celeb interview … (Originally seen on Cup of Jo)

The truth behind Instagram photos.

Three very interesting bits on decluttering.

I love this home office tour. And the honest, but awesome answers & tips she gives.

Kids are asked if they would rather be rich or happy

About mothers always on device.

Sure, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, but I love this post because it can also apply to Christmas.

If you use Google Translate a lot. (Eek!)

I am keen to try this recipe (with bacon, green veg & citrus Gorgonzola sauce) very soon.

Have a wonderful week!

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