My 2016 officially started this week. Well sort of. I’ve been dropping our little munchkin off for a few hours of holiday care since Tuesday. This gave me a few hours of peace, focus & to do some catch-up.

2015 was intense to say the least.

There were exciting parts: buying our dream home (but also the sadness to leave our beloved apartment behind)…


Being published & featured in publications for the very first time (like on Apartment Therapy; Rapport Beleef).

I started an exercise regime that I really enjoy & keep up (called BoxFit). I had episodes of healthy eating…but there’s definatelt room for (lots of) improvement.

photo 4

Other hightlights were hosting my lovely first vintage themed Cuppa For Cansa in George & a Mexican Party (something that I’ve been wanting to do forever)…. And some other colourful girly get-togethers.

photo 1 (1)

There was lots of crafting & doing creative things – by myself & with Oliver & his nieces.


Then lots of cooking & baking in my amazing new SMEG oven.

photo 3

photo 2

A huge benefit of our new life is that Oliver gets to spent lots of quality time with family & really got to know his cousins better. (He’s so in love with them as you might be able to see)

photo 2 (1)

aZestyLife got a mini facelift. With a professional logo. You like?

Then last, but by no means the least… we celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary earlier thie week. We spent lots of time together, but we were also equally busy trying to figure our ‘new’ life out.

photo 5

Let me not carry on too much about the less fun parts. Let’s just say that moving across the country was h.a.r.d. The loneliness, the crazy weather, the emotional eating, the many episodes of flu & all kinds of other tricky bits. Being at home in (what also used to be) our holiday destination when everyone is technically on holiday here.

It’s true: I’m missing my ‘old’ life. Missing my girls, my hood, the stylishness that is Jozi…

Back to the now! Here’s to a wonderful, blessed 2016! I’m trusting God for & working on better balance, more new friends, new (ad)ventures, quality experiences & a happy, healthy family.

May you be safe, surprised & super healthy to enjoy all the surprises that will be coming our way.

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Yolandi ♥

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