I’ve had time on my hands lately & have been doing quite a bit of browsing & gathered really awesome bits for you. Enjoy!

hally's london

Why you should not carpe diem (as a parent) – thanx for sharing Christa. Love this.

How sweet is this gesture of a son making a video to find his mom a boyfriend?

(And then the follow-up video.)

A concept we as women should embrace; called “Sistering”.

Fun throwback from So You Think You Can Dance with Ellen & Twitch.

And then 2016 Food Trends to take note of.

Food for thought & a MOOC (massive online open course) about Food & Health.

Way too funny: celebs as real people.

Genius inventions by kids… How cute?

Inspirational thoughts on blogging from decor8blog. “…a blog can still be relevant, fresh & invigorating when the people authoring them are. Blogs can still electrify.”

Gorgeous pictures.

Must try this cheesecake recipe by Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad Cheesecake

Then, I came across three really lovely blogs: Rita Hello , Just blue Flint & Veda House. Have a look – you’ll see why I adore them so much!

How about some Baroque wigs made from paper?

Lastly, I have a crazy crush on Hally’s in London (featured image courtesy of their website). They are so on my ‘to visit list’ when I next get to go to London. Hopefully soon. The décor & menu are to die for.

Hope you had fun. Stay inspired.

Yolandi ♥

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