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Hey! How are you? It’s a cool rainy day over here, so I’m sitting here with my bowl of popcorn & coffee & lined up some fantastic links for you:

This quick read with four amazing tips on productivity for every workday.

A lovely clothing range.

Birthday cake popcorn anyone?

Have you ever wondered what the best time is to book flights? Very interesting.

Some proof that bilingual kids have superior social skills.

Fun comics moms with babies will appreciate.

I love these short but helpful tips for working from home.

Don’t know about you, but I love working to music – especially if it’s not something that requires too much concentration. I stumbled across a lovely playlist recently on

Stunning illustrations.

If you are a freelancer (especially a writer) – read this.

This is such a super fun competition by Bidvest McCarthy.  Check it out!

Tips on storing your make-up.

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