If you know me well, then you’ll also know that I love my water. (I’m also a mouth breather, which is probably a contributing factor to why I get thirsty more often… arb fact, I know. *blush*).

Moving along. I also love my tea & coffee & wine… which means that I’m probably not always getting all the benefits of drinking enough water.

So, hooray for BRITA who recently conducted a survey of health conscious South African women (between 25 & 55) which provided some food for thought about the importance of drinking water. 97% of the women polled acknowledged the importance of drinking water every day, but only 43% are drinking more than five glasses daily.

The survey also identified two classes of water drinkers within the ‘health conscious’ category, namely; the ‘water obsessed’ & the ‘have to’ drinkers. The ‘water obsessed’ drink more than five glasses of water a day & feel that it is a very important part of their lives. While the ‘have to’ drinkers’ drink less water during the day, need reminders to drink & rely more heavily on tap water for their daily fix.

We know the overwhelming benefits & health implications of sufficient water intake for our bodies (made up of two thirds water) & our brains (also mostly water). We know, but forget, that too little water equals dehydration which equals headaches. We also know that water has a ‘glowing’ effect on the skin as the detoxification process produces a clearer complexion. Strange how we somehow still don’t up our water intake, hey?

So, here are my THREE TIPS TO DRINK MORE WATER during the cooler months:


23% of the women questioned (in the survey mentioned above) stated that they do not trust tap water, with many more negatively remarking on the taste & quality of water in their areas. Brown or cloudy water, bad taste & chemicals were some of the reasons given by the women who didn’t drink tap water.

What do you do? Buy water every day? No, you filter the tap water. It is an easy, affordable way of ensuring the best possible water drinking experience. We have had our BRITA water jug since our Jozi days (probably about six years), so when a brand new jug BRITA landed on my desk a while ago, I was so stoked! The ‘old’ jug was still perfect, but the new one just made me more psyched to drink water again.

BRITA shooting 03-01-2012

BRITA filtered water just tastes better!


Try some or all of the following combo’s in your water jug or glass for delicious flavour:

  • Pomegranate & mint
  • Berries
  • Good ol’ lemon
  • Mini figs, sliced
  • Grapefruit
  • Cucumber ribbons
  • Rosemary & apple
  • Add bubbles on occasion. Drink some sparkling water or make your own with a Sodastream!
  • Hot water with a slice of lemon, fresh ginger & a cinnamon stick is really delicious & cleansing.



Are you also one of those people who have about a gazillion water bottles rolling around in your car? When I was still driving quite a bit, there was evidence everywhere that I drink lots of water. But it was not always stylish.

A great decision is to find lovely & practical containers for your water. It will make you want to drink much more (water that is). 

Some containers that I love:

Cov RGB to SSh nov 2014

The brand new Le Creuset 750ml Water Carafe. R870 for each in various colours (But I’ll take the black one, thanx!).


Al Fresco Acrylic Jug - Yuppiechef

This gorgeous Acrylic Al Fresco Acrylic Jug from Yuppiechef.com (R159 for 2litres).


Mr Price Glasses

Four Pack Script High-Ball (R49.99 for four, Mr Price Home).


Embossed Glass (R49.95 each, Woolworths).

I hope you are inspired to enjoy more water this winter.

Remember that it takes just 21 days to form a habit, so why not start today & kick start your journey to a healthier lifestyle! And when you do sip on your delicious filtered & pimped water in your lovely container or glass, post a pic & share (using #BRITAHydration).

Yolandi ♥




  1. Karen Venter
    June 2, 2016 at 2:44 pm (2 years ago)

    Thanks for the tips Yolandi!! I’m already drinking more water ☺️

    • Yolandi
      June 5, 2016 at 10:29 pm (2 years ago)

      Hooray Karie! xxx


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