Here are a list of favourite links from around the web. Enjoy.

Some reminders for those that have been married for a while (& even newly weds).

We should all be feminists.

A dad who recreates his daughter’s selfies. (Eek! You’ll want to laugh, cry & cringe at the same time.)

I’m making this Thai Green Coconut Chicken Curry tomorrow night. (Thanx Angie!)

Handy tips for those of us working from home.

I love Jan-Hendrik & I adore Suzelle, so I really love this clip! Still giggling.

A heart warming AirBnB story! (And also how AirBnb has grown.)

Anna Wintour & Amy Schumer Swap Lives. So funny.. (via Cup of Jo, thanx Joanna.)

I came across these fantastic styling, shooting & sharing tips. (Love tip nr 4- Make Magic). If you’re into online & blogging, then this is for you.  #StyleItShootItShareit

Have a wonderful week!

Yolandi ♥

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