Hallo. Happy Friday to you. Here are some fab links from the web. Enjoy.

10 Surprising things to do with ripe bananas.

How are your restaurant table manners? (Thanx Joanna)

Can’t wait to try these Chocolate Chia Energy Balls (found on aFoodieLivesHere )

I love this magic spell on how to Summon Your Period:

Gemma Correll - How to summon your period

Check out more of Gemma Correll’s work over here.

Some really clever tips on how to make your life run smoother. (I love 1, 2 & 13. How about you?)

Moms, check out The Guilt Fairy. Too funny. And true.

For all you bloggers out there: Are you a blogging procrastinator? Then check out this helpful post. And some simple tips for making a media kit (or is it a rate card?) – Thanx Hannah.

How about some thyme-and-honey-roasted quince with parma ham?

Tips for flying with young kids.

Lastly for all those Ellen fans – her most memorable moments from her first 2000 shows.

Yolandi ♥


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