How about a ‘No Thanx’ gift list?

I agree. One should not look a gift horse in the mouth. But consider this: wouldn’t it be lovely to always get what you really need or want – even if it is just a tiny little something? Or, wouldn’t it be better to save someone some money (that they could use for a good cause or even to pay their bills), than receive something that will be, well, a waste for you both.

Don’t get me wrong. I love gifts & I am always delighted to get one, but it really isn’t ideal to receive something knowing that you do not have any use for it.

I prefer to find something useful or gorgeous & not something that will instantly be re-gifted or become a white elephant. So I often find myself asking What is on your birthday wish list? The answer is, understandably, quite often a nothing thank you or anything really – I don’t mind or please don’t bring a gift. The problem with these responses – although polite – is that they don’t help you even a small bit. You end up feeling obliged to get something (what will they think if I arrive empty handed?) & then rush to your most trusted retailer, buy either what you would like to get or what is available & within budget.

Which brings me to the point: instead of saying what you do want, why not say what you would prefer not to get? This idea popped to mind when I recently received a list from a group of friends who were (obviously) discussing gifts & then decided to go with a “Yes please” & a “No thanx” list. I had a chuckle. Most of them said no thank you to balloons, stationery or candles. How funny. The point is: wouldn’t it be nice to give what will be appreciated or get what you really want – no matter how small.

I won’t entertain you with my “Yes please” list today – I’ll leave that for my birthday or Christmas. Instead, I am sharing my “No thank you gift list”* with you. You know, in case you were wondering or wanted to send me something. Some of these might surprise you, some won’t.

  • Fragrance – It’s not that I don’t like perfume. Quite the opposite. I dated a dear soul at school who gifted me many fragrances, the only problem was that none of them suited me.
  • Jewellery – If you know me, then you’ll know that I wear specific types of things.
  • Scarves.
  • Plants – I might just kill them. Except for orchids. Maybe.
  • Pets – A definite no!
  • Sporting equipment.
  • A voucher for an outdoor place.
  • Sewing goodies – I can’t sew. Blush. Maybe someday. This excludes crafty items though.
  • White chocolate.
  • Marzipan.
  • Home decor – Say what? Yes I love decor & I have a couple of friends who get my style, but mostly I prefer to choose my own decor.
  • Brooches – Honestly, I have a few lovely ones, but I don’t have use for one more.

Thoughts? Would it be rude to ask your besties for their ‘no thank you’ gift list? Will it not make life easier for the gift givers & recipients alike? Or should we rather keep it civilized & pretend to adore the weird goodies that we receive? I’d love to know what you think.

Yolandi ♥

* This is a broad list & will certainly include exceptions. Please don’t feel bad or offended if you have ever gifted me any of these. I really did & do appreciate it. 





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