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Today I am really stoked to welcome Antoinette Chorlton to the blog. Our paths crossed in a very interesting manner. In a way, I don’t know her from a bar of soap; but then again she slept in my bed & stayed in my house. So, we’re a bit like sisters I suppose.

(In case you are scratching your head right now: Antoinette & her delightful family were our AirBnB guests & stayed in our home for a while.) We only briefly chatted, but just hit it off. Her energy is contagious, her style is gorgeous yet real & she has the most fabulous hairstyle. Please excuse all the adjectives, but I am really excited.

Antoinette is an International Fashion Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Founder & Owner of Glamour on the Go Fashion (GOTG) Style Agency. She doesn’t call herself ‘Your best friend in fashion’ for nothing. Here is what she has to say:


Hello Gorgeous…


I’m a wife, a mommy, a daughter & a friend. I’m real. A woman with curves, passionate about fashion, inspired by fashion, but mostly excited about fashion.

Diane Von Furstenburg – a fashion icon & my biggest inspiration, says Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it. I couldn’t agree more, & I help hundreds of women to find their style.

I am an avid believer that fashion is for everyone. It tells your story. Style is a way of saying who you are. Fashion is instant language. I trust that with my style knowledge & expertise you will become your fashion best…everyday.

After 10 years working as a flight attendant with a prestigious Middle Eastern Airline, firmly cementing my love of fashion, I completed my Fashion Styling Diploma with the Australian Collage of Professional Styling. Gaining experience & working as a Fashion Stylist for numerous Fashion Magazines, styling editorial fashion shoots & writing a monthly Fashion & Style Column sharing the latest trends & style advice. I also contributed & styled Fashion Week Runway Shows in Australia, South Africa & Dubai working closely with top fashion designers.

In addition I have completed the 7 Step Styling Formula with celebrity stylist Kelly Lundberg, a Marketing Diploma & an Event Management Diploma.

I host & organise Fashion & Style Events, Presentations, Workshops & Master Classes, sharing my expertise & industry knowledge offering Fashion Consulting to corporate fashion Brands. I write a fashion blog, edit the GOTG Monthly Fashion Magazine, contribute to numerous fashion & lifestyle websites & am often requested to share my Style Secrets. I compiled the first GOTG Style Guide & aim to provide you with a fashion experience like no other…personal, intimate, interactive, elegant, stylish, fashionable & glamorous.

I am from South Africa & a Cape Town girl through & through…married to an Englishman with 2 beautiful children aged 5 & 3. Living in the Middle East for the past 16 years. I am planning my first Styling Sessions in SA staring 2017 & am so excited about connecting with my roots & the woman of my country, sharing everything I have leant over the years.




TAILORING – It’s a good idea to have a trusty & reliable tailor. When shopping you should always buy what fits you perfectly, or at least try.  Sometimes you find an item you absolutely love & it fits you in some areas & not so well in other areas – a classic example of this is pants, jeans & jackets.

With pants the chances are that it will be to long & will need to be taken up. With jeans it can be big at the waist & with jackets it might be the shoulders or the arm length. It is therefore really handy to have a tailor who can do professional alterations ensuring your items look & fit you perfectly. You don’t want to spend more money altering an item than what you paid for it – only minor adjustments. When looking for a reliable tailor ask questions, try on the items with the tailor & have it pinned on you exactly as you like & want it. Make sure to communicate clear instructions & specifics to avoid any nasty surprises.

Sometimes I even make long sleeves into short sleeves or convert a top into an open jacket – let your imagination go wild, especially with older items of clothing. A good tailor will be able to refresh your old clothing to perfection. Also, if you see a picture of something you like a good tailor will be ale to make it for you – no problem!

When I am in Cape Town I go to the tailors at Canal Walk, Paddocks. In Woodstock & Long Street you will also find some gems.

BELTS – To be honest, I was never a fan of wearing belts, not even with pants, mainly because I didn’t know how to wear it. That all changed when I decided to try something outside my comfort zone & now I am obsessed. It literally changed my way of thinking when it came to dressing simply because it can totally transform your look. The options are endless. Thick, thin, textured, patterned, leather, woven, studded, chain etc. Even the way you knot them, tie them or actually belt them can be varied. Cinch your waist or wear them low on you hips, whatever you want goes, just have fun & experiment. Stay away from boring & obvious. My favourite way to wear a belt is studded or animal print cinched in my waist over a coat, jacket or jumper even a shirt to add structure & definition.

CHOOSING THE PERFECT RED LIPSTICK – I love a red lip. It’s my signature colour & I instantly feel glamorous & made up when wearing it, even if I don’t’ wear any other make up. My only piece of advice is that if you do wear a bold lip, don’t overdo your eyes or blusher, the clown look is not what we going for…in saying that, there is a shade for everyone out there, regardless of your skin, eye or hair colour, guaranteed.

Experiment with different brands, textures & shades, its all part of the fun.  Rimmel is an excellent budget brand & the Kate Moss reds are fabulous. Then MAC Red or Russian Red is stunning but my all-time favourite is Tom Ford Cherry Red – it’s a matt non-dry lipstick that stays put all day. I finish of with a lip liner that perfectly matches my lip colour. Then I blot a few times & clean up my lip line with an ear bud. I will touch up once or twice during the day, normally after lunch.


Following all this advice will definitely put you ahead in the Style stakes, but my BEST KEPT SECRET is definitely INVISIBLE SUPPORT without a doubt. I do not wear any dresses without it. Spanx or support underwear smooth out all your bumps & lumps, tucks your tummy & lifts your bottom…what’s not to love?

They look like cycling shorts or another version is the “Bridget Jones” panties. Not sexy but worth it! You can also choose your support & fit – from light support to the ultimate suck-your-guts-in-can’t-sit-kind-of-tight & everything in between. You get a wide selection from Woollies. The only downside is, depending on your support strength it will be hard to actually get on & off & you might need a helping hand, but the end result is magical. Trust me.

REVAMPING YOUR OUTFIT is taking your basics like a black skirt, a biscuit coloured or neutral top & changing the classic style with the asymmetric hemline, a slight crop & adding a pop of colour. Red shoes, nails & lips edges up a still classic & neutral look. By revamping a traditional outfit you can easily go from drab to fab!


Thank you Yolandi for inviting me onto your blog & allowing me to share a little piece of me… Antoinette xxx


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Yolandi ♥




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