Internet Inspo #17 {Career tips, overnight beauty tricks & more}

Hi & welcome to my first 2017 line-up of cool bits from around the web:

What ‘Food Day’ corresponds with your birthday? My birthday (18 February) also happens to be ‘Drink Wine Day’. A sign maybe?

All you moms & wives out there; read this.

A slice of Fresh, Tangy Granadilla & Lemon Tart anyone? (Featured image & recipe by Lindsay Radcliffe.)


Interesting video that captures Joburg’s beauty.

Overnight beauty tricks.

How to brand yourself without bragging.

This cartoon made me giggle (via the New Yorker): 


“How much does it cost to buy a membership then never use it?”

I recently discovered With Relish blog & absolutely love this DIY (no sew) hanging wall decoration.

Best career advice – a fantastic compilation.  

Behaviour that’ll guarantee you won’t get invited back. (Just in case your mom didn’t tell you).

Yolandi ♥

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