Internet Inspo #19 {A beautiful Cape Town home & life lessons}

Hihi. How are you doing? Are you taking a break soon? Here are some recent favourite links from the web:

This really made me smile. (Does anyone still play leapfrog?)

How would you describe your family in three words? Love this, thanx Joanna!

What is your décor style

This 5 minute chickpea recipe looks so delicious.

7 Myths about working with brands on content creation (Bloggers, this is for you).

How to wear a dark lip.

10 Life lessons to teach your kids.

I am in LOVE with this colourful Cape Town home’s décor.

To say goodbye at a party … or not. (Personally, I’d go with not saying goodbye).

Lessons learnt before 40.

Happy Friday. I really hope that you will have a peaceful day – despite all the madness going on in the world.

Yolandi ♥

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