Change your look with these 6 hair trends

Is the mere thought of the upcoming winter making you feel dull & ready to go into hibernation? Or are you just bored with your current look? Why not mix things up with a new hairstyle? Choose one of the following 6 hair trends of the moment – some cheap & easy, others hi-maintenance & fabulous. 


Say hello to the portmanteau of blonde & orange. This peachy colour might sound odd at first, but it can work for any style, skin colour & age says David Gillson, my hairdresser, master stylist & partner at Carlton Hair Hyde Park: “It suits both warm & cool skin tones.” A great fit for colder months.

It has been described in a myriad of ways. Elle Magazine recently called it a colour mashup moment. According to Harpers Bazaar it is the accidental result of pink dye fading from blonde hair. It has also been called fruity, the new rose gold, a combination of peach & rosé, blood orange hair, the first cousin to rose gold hair but peachier, coral, salmon, a subtle sunset on your head or anime strawberry.

Incidentally: Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger – above) was one of the first to wear this colour & nicknamed it ‘blorange’.

For: Anyone really – this tone goes with most skin tones.

Keep in mind: The colour application is key, so work with a colour expert to tailor it to your specific skin colour & features. Blorange will fade rather quickly, so you will need to consider your wash days & use the right products (recommended by a legit hairdresser).

Celebs sporting the look: Gigi Hadid, Georgia May Jagger 



According to L’Oreal, it is finally time to wave ombre (darker hair on top transitioning to blonder hair at the bottom) goodbye & welcome Colour Melting (or Color Melting) – possibly the biggest hair colour trend of the moment.

With colour melting, multiple colours are seamlessly blended together to create the melted effect, mirroring real hair colour. Multiple tones are used on the same strand of hair, ‘melting’ the colour together. The best news is that it can be done with literally any colour palette – from blonde, brunette to an opal mane or a unicorn / mermaid look.

Colour melting is very adaptable – the soft gradation effect can be used on anyone, with fashion or natural tones.

For: Those who are not scared of maintenance. You have been warned: you will be at the hair salon very often if you opt for colour melting.

Keep in mind: Do not let an amateur attempt colour melting. This is an advanced technique & requires good preparation, skill & quality product (like Matrix by L’Oreal Professional).

Celebs sporting the look: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sienna Miller


#3: BOWS

Judging by recent runways of New York, London & Paris, black ribbons & bows seem to be the hair accessory of the moment. And it is so easy peasy to wear: go for a silk or velvet bow & simply tie it around a pony or loop it over a bun. A giant stiff bow or one that simply hangs is also ok. Easy, cheap & fashionable. Almost to good to be true, right?

For: Younger girls, ladies with longer hair & anyone looking for a quick style fix on a budget.

Keep in mind: Pony tails & braids are very trendy right now, so combine your black bow with one or both to get this school girl style.

Celebs sporting the look: Sienna Miller, Miley Cyrus


Take note of this highlighting trend ladies – especially you brunettes out there. Once again, the term is a portmanteau [foils + balayage].

Balayage (which became popular in 2009) means that the roots are left much darker than the ends. With Foilyage, colour is subtly painted onto sections of the hair & then wrapped in foil to intensify the colour. The result: a natural-looking sweep of colour that intensifies at the ends.

For those who: Have darker hair, as this technique intensifies the colour. It is also timeless, so you won’t stand out too much.

Keep in mind: If you are after a natural, low-maintenance style, then ask for foilyage.

Celebs sporting the look: Chrissy Teigen, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Wilde


Braids are still a thing, so why not try something new? How about parting braids, braided buns or crowns. Boxer (or French) braids maybe? Braids can even be combined with a bow or get the mermaid look with colourmelted hair in a fishbone braid.

For those who: Have strands long enough to braid – both caucasian & ethnic hair.

Keep in mind: Creativity is key. Play around with different types of braids (& don’t forget your black ribbon).

Celebs sporting the look: Bonang, Jennifer Lopez, Kim K


Very specifically – the blunt bob or lob (long bob). Think Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums & Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Experts say that straight-across scissoring makes your hair look healthier, stronger & thicker. The blunt cut has been called ‘almost naive in its simplicity, the beauty equivalent of white cotton underwear.’ This cut works super in straight hairstyles as it shows off the accuracy of lines & sleekness of texture.

The mid-length bob, all kinds of fringes & blunt-yet-textured ends works with almost any hair type.


Consult with your hair stylist to determine the right length for your face shape. Check out more styles over here. Great news is that it works for all ages & is a really youthful look.

For those who: Want a fuss-free style & a healthy looking mane of hair.

Keep in mind: Very thick & curly textures run the risk of achieving the not-so-cool mushroom look. Dense hair types will benefit from a bit of softening – especially at the ends. Chat to your stylist if your hair is wavey or thick.

Celebs sporting the look: Rita OraKerry WashingtonBeyoncé


So, are you inspired by these styles? Let me know. Wishing you only good hair days ahead!

Yolandi ♥


Images: Georgia May Jagger blorange; Blorange collage; Colour Melting – supplied by L’Oreal; Bow images viaCrown braidBraided buns; FoilyageBlond blunt bobBlunt cut collage.


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  1. Catherine Smit
    April 26, 2017 at 7:19 pm (9 months ago)

    I needed this!

    • Yolandi
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      So Catherine, will you be colouring your hair in the mermaid shades or will you be braiding your locks? (Lief vir ma. xxx)

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    May 3, 2017 at 3:47 pm (9 months ago)

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    May 10, 2017 at 2:59 pm (8 months ago)

    Love blorange!

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      May 10, 2017 at 7:46 pm (8 months ago)

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