A reminder to all women: #YouGotThis

I’ve been wanting to share this post for a while now, but I have had the most persistent cold flu business for the last two weeks & really did not feel like #I’veGotThis at all.

Now that I’m beginning to feel like a person again, I’m finally ready to chat to you about Dawn’s #YouGotThis campaign.

In the world & country that we face today, brands can no longer just focus on product. Both big & small brands need to become catalysts for change & upliftment. And Dawn is leading the way – as they demonstrated at the #YouGotThis event on a gorgeous late afternoon in Jozi recently.

When you look at the peak-hour traffic hustle & bustle of downtown Jozi from up high at a gorgeous venue, you become very aware of the possibilities that the city & the country holds, but just as clear is the realisation that it is not easy. Times are tough. I don’t need to list the challenges that South African women face. We all know them very well. But it is young people that can find it particularly challenging to reach their goals as they face hurdle after hurdle. “Financial burdens, stereotyping, a lack of role models, family constraints & responsibilities & the inability to access quality education… these are all barriers to success that are difficult to overcome without the confidence or guidance required. Sometimes all it takes to keep you going is a simple message of support from someone you trust, ‘you got this…’ ” reads the press material.

As part of the Dawn relaunch, a renewed brand vision will see Dawn being repositioned as relevant to modern, South African women who are trying to get ahead in life.

The mission is to give young South African women the physical & emotional confidence to achieve greatness in life. And confidence = success.

Dawn has also launched a mentorship programme with the guidance of mentoring NGO, SAYes. SAYes has facilitated over 9 800 mentoring hours in the Western Cape since 2010. They match mentors & mentees, give training & workshops, online tools & more.

Says Michelle Potter, Co-founder & Executive Director of SAYes: “Mentoring is a critical tool to aid the empowerment of South Africa’s young people & future leaders. Whether in corporate, educational or personal settings, effective mentoring can help young people develop the life skills, confidence & direction they need to thrive in adulthood.”

“Mentors themselves gain personal & professional growth as well, & ultimately, whole communities are strengthened & nurtured.” Awesome, right?

Dawn believes in the young women of South Africa & wants to empower them to glow with beauty & confidence every day. A new Dawn is rising indeed.

The collaboration between SAYes & Dawn will ultimately become a catalyst that connects successful women as mentors & role models to young women.

“Dawn speaks to South African women who do a lot with a little & believe beauty is as much about the person you are as what you look like,” says Sphelele Mjadu, Public Relations Manager, Unilever. “She is positive about the future, with high hopes & dreams of attaining a better, more successful life. But we know that, for a number of reasons, it is not easy. Our vision is to empower these young women with the tools to keep moving forward: confidence, guidance, courage & belief in their God-given abilities & talents.”

The Dawn relaunch includes an inspiring brand film that provides a powerfully emotional story of a typical day in the life of a young South African woman. The film epitomises the Dawn woman; eager, able & ready to conquer her dreams, yet constantly facing obstacles on her road to success. Have a look for yourself:

From August, you should also be on the lookout for Dawn’s brand new packaging designs of their full range:

Let’s keep empowering, mentoring & encouraging one another. And remember #YouGotThis.

Thanx for reading & happy Monday.

Yolandi ♥



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