7 Delicious Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

You know how it is not a good idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Well the same applies when looking at delicious Instagram accounts by foodies, chefs & cooks.

So make sure that you are not hungry when you check out the feed of these 7 Delicious Instagram Accounts. Believe me – you will want to jump right into the screen & start eating. You have been warned!

1. Delicious Martha – @deliciousmartha

Something about Martha’s dishes reminds me of real farm-style cooking & eating. She speaks Spanish, but you don’t need to understand her to be able to appreciate her amazing dishes.


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2. Dennis The Prescott – @dennistheprescott

Less is not more with Dennis. It’s all about abundance & beautifully styled images in his very unique style. I love his darker backgrounds & the way it looks like he always has a group over to eat. This is real food – burgers, fish, meat, tapas.

Beauty day in the Maritimes – perfect grilling weather. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!🤘👊#EatDelicious

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3. Kath & Jade – @panaceas_pantry

These two super healthy, vegan sisters will inspire you to up your healthy eating game.

We've shared the wholesome recipe to these pastel pops over on @sunsol_muesli page- if you feel like getting into the kitchen today! They're super simple to make, and use the new @just_blends powder range for colouring (I used butterfly pea flower powder, activated coconut charcoal & dragonfruit powders!). In other news- I missed food revolution day 😜 oooops! Better late than never, though- right? I wanted to get in on the fun of talking about what food means to me and my family, especially the relationship I want to harbour between my daughter and food. The more we move into a society that values the appeal of food that is cheap, fast and easy, the more effort I want to make to connect with quality, slow and thoughtful ways to grow, prepare and enjoy food. Food can do so much more than nourish (though this is by far my favourite aspect). Food brings us together, brings joy and creativity. Growing food grounds us almost better than anything, and connects us to Mother. Sustainable food choices can help heal the planet, reduce harm to all sentient beings, and improve conditions of poverty. Food choices are everything to me, and that is what I hope we can all pass on to our children #foodrevmamas . . . . . . . #superfoods #nourish #wholefoods #cleaneating #cleaneats #eatclean #delicious #feedfeed #vegansofig #fitfood #foodisfuel #yuminthetum #breaky #smoothie #smoothiebowls #foodpic #bbg #kaylaitsines #healthysnacks #food #foodporn #healthyfoods #vegan #whatveganseat #yahoofood #whatsonmyplate #fooddiary

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4. Marie Viljoen  – @66squarefeet 

Born South African. Lives an amazing life in NYC. She grows food on her balcony, forages, cooks & writes beautifully about food. I have been the hugest fan for a long long time. You’ll see why…

Pie for breakfast today. Recipe testing wintery things, even though I am wearing short sleeves #weirdwinter

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5. Frederikke Kjaer Waerens – @frederikkewaerens

This young gal is only 22, but she can teach chefs, photographers & Instagrammers around the world a thing or two. I’m desperate to try her recipes but the entire blog is in Danish. Hello iTranslate!

Which one do you pick?🤔😍

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This cake🙌🏻 The recipe is on my blog – link in bio🍫🍫

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6. Sarah Fennel – @bromabakery

Sarah is not only an amazing cook & photographer, but she is also a keen yogi, so expect to get some yoga inspo from her feed too.

NEW! get july 4th ready with this triple berry meringue roulade. recipe in profile!

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7. The Kate Tin – @thekatetin

I’ve saved the best for last! Lovely local blogger lady, Katelyn Williams, is clever & entrepreneurial. Think cakes, cakes, sweet stuff & chocolate. You will get a sugar rush just by looking at these goodies.

Which food Instagram accounts do you love? Feel free to comment & let me know.

Thank you for reading.

Yolandi ♥

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