Internet Inspo #23 {Mascara do’s & don’ts; Ways to be more green}

Wowee! It is the last day of June already. Welcome to the middle of the year.

Here are my latest favourite links from the web – I’m proud to say that more than half of these are from local blogs. Enjoy.

Have to make this Caramel Pear & Pecan Lattice Pie.

The invisible workload…

3 Ways To Be More Green, Thanx Glam Green Girl!

Real couples’ marriage advice.

Sugar & sore throats.

(I’m Tired of) Explaining My Post-baby Body.

Apartment love – in London & Cape Town!

Mascara do’s & don’ts.

How to make the best G&T.

How absolutely adorable are these mini customisable LEGO figurines?

Yolandi ♥

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