Internet Inspo #26 {Gold Wallpaper; Mood Foods & more}

Hallo lovely people.

Happy Friday to you! Hope you are planning something delightful for the weekend. Here is my latest link pack with bits from around the Web – especially for you:

My mother always talks about The Power of Visualisation & I must admit that I was a sceptic until I read this.

Wooden tech gear #love. Want it now!

Such a beautiful piece: “The First Thing I Did After My Wife’s Death”.

This Cape Town home. Love Love Love. 

Foods That Will Put You in a Bad Mood.

A bit arb, but maybe it works? Let me know if you’ve tried it.

Have to see this film. Although I am a bit scared. Have you seen it?

Gold Wallpaper! I can totally picture this in our home.

Make the most of your workday.

Then finally, How To Eat Spaghetti Like A Lady. Classic. Have you enjoyed these? Happy weekend.

Hope you enjoyed these! Happy weekend.

Yolandi ♥

Image: Marsel Roothman Photography.


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