Introducing Filorga’s New Anti-Ageing NCTF Reverse Range

Whenever a Filorga product lands on my desk, I get super excited because they have never disappointed me before. And now Filorga has a range that is an amazing antidote to all the bad lifestyle choices that we make. Yes, that’s correct: it repairs the skin & reverses a lot of the damage done by bad eating habits, pollution, smoking & too little sleep.

What makes the new NCTF Reverse range so potent is that it contains 10x more NCTF than other Filorga products. The concentration in each product is equal to 1x medical injectable anti-aging treatment, providing complete renewal of skin quality & boosted anti-aging correction. This potent formulation is all about hydration, smoothing out wrinkles, elasticity, radiance & improved skin tone within 28 days & has a very similar effect to a fractional laser.

Developed in 1978 by French Doctor Michel Tordjman, Filorga’s NCTF polyrevitalising complex contains 50 active ingredients to nourish the dermis & stimulate cell growth.

A patented penetration technique is used to reach the deepest layer of the dermis for optimum concentration & targeted efficacy, without the use of needles.

“The NCTF Reverse range is ideal for women of all ages who are looking for improved skin quality & it is also recommended for those who require an anti-aging boost in their skincare routine. High concentrations of revitalising NCTF ensure that results are visible from the very first application – the skin looks instantly brighter & rejuvenated,” explains Dr Riekie Smit, medical advisor at Filorga.

The Range

The NCTF-ESSENCE (R700) is also known as “pre-skincare”. With its serum-type consistency, it is essentially a skin primer that boosts the efficacy of the other NCTF products via a moisturisng concentrate & skin booster effect.


NCTF-SERUM (R1230) is a more potent formulation than the Essence & is specifically formulated to tackle wrinkles, improve firmness & plump up the skin whilst also providing a radiance boost.

The NCTF-REVERSE (R1230) is a nourishing moisturiser with shea butter, nutritious fatty acids & Vitamin E. It is ideal for dry skins. The NCTF-Reverse also comes in a matte version for a combination to oily skin.

Does it really work?

I personally tested the NCTF-Essence & the NCTF-Reverse out for about a month & the results have certainly impressed me. I have been quite naughty though because I’ve been eating really badly & fiddling with my skin, so my skin has been a bit upset, but I still noticed the radiance & even received compliments about my skin.

At 35, I think that I am a bit young for this ultra-concentrated range. After a month I felt that it was slightly too rich for my skin, so I went back to my Filorga Nutri-Filler instead (with great results too).

You would have noticed that the NCTF range of products comes with a rather hefty price tag, but if you are serious about non-invasive anti-ageing & can afford it, then I would say that it is an excellent range.

Are you convinced? Then find it at selected Edgars & Red Square stories. For a full list of stockists visit or phone +27 12 548 0725.

Thank you for reading.

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