Internet Inspo #30 {Kids & Parenting – the good, the bad & the ugly}

This is not a parenting blog, purely because half the time I have no idea what I’m doing. But, my dear readers, I know many of you reading this have kids in your lives; in your homes, your tummies possibly or in your circle of friends.

Having kiddos in your life is by far the funniest thing that you can let yourself in for, so I’ve lined up some comic, interesting & crazy gems about kids & parenting. Enjoy.

A breastfeeding Emoji! 

Haha. This sounds like my life.

How to be sick with kids at home.

How heart-warming is this video by a mom & daughter.

Love this. (#MeanMom)

Eating out with kids.

The wittiest little two-year-old.

People with no children don’t know (I laugh at it every single time I see it!).

The Secret Life Of Parents Before 7 am. 

Took me a while to read this because I could not stop laughing!

Have a wonderful day!

Yolandi ♥

Image via originally by Caitlin McGauley

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