Hi. Nice to meet you. Welcome to aZestyLife. I’m so excited that you stopped by. 

If, like me, you love all kinds of lifestyley & girly bits, then you’ve come to the right place.


LOCATION: Johannesburg, South Africa. (Until February 2017: George, Western Cape)

WHO DO YOU LIVE WITH? With my two main guys – my hubby, Ernie & our almost 4-year old Oliver. The best guys ever. Two of the same.

BORN & BRED: Pretoria / Johannesburg, South Africa

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? My dress style is ‘work-from-home mom with funky flair’. My decor style is contemporary eclectic.

FAVOURITE ITEM IN YOUR CLOSET? Probably my Hermanna Rush trench coat.

LITTLE THINGS THAT GET ME THROUGH THE DAY: Hand creams, tea, fast internet.

GUILTY PLEASURES? Snoozing during the day. Massages. Spa visits. Hours of shopping – alone!

ARE YOU A FULL-TIME BLOGGER? No. I am also a freelance writer & contribute to various South-African lifestyle & parenting publications. I also do selected communication projects on a freelance basis & some volunteer work for CANSA on occasion.

WHY DID YOU START YOUR BLOG? I love love love magazines, but also wanted to have my own space where I could share the bits that I enjoy / think about / that inspire me, so a blog was a great platform for this when I started to freelance.

WHAT IS aZestyLife ABOUT? Adding zest to everyday life – a yummy recipe, some funny bits from the web, beauty tips, beautiful homes or trends.


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THE NAME? A wonderfully, inspiring ex-boss once told me that I am like lemon zest; it adds amazing flavour & that something really special to a recipe / a drink. You can do without it, but once you’ve tasted or experienced it, you will know how essential it is.

So, with aZestyLife, I want to remind & inspire myself & you reading this to add Zest to whatever you do & make life a bit more special.  

WHAT KIND OF CAMERA DO YOU USE? My mostly use my iPhone 5s or sometimes my Canon DSLR. I often make use of stock images or photos from other sources. Wherever the image comes from, I will always make sure that I credit it. If I have not given the correct credits, then please let me know.


Yes. Drop me an email (azestylife@gmail.com) & we can chat.

HOW ELSE CAN WE KEEP IN TOUCH? On Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Lauren Conrad Cheesecake

Hooray that you scrolled this far down. Hope you enjoy my posts. x


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  1. Life and Leisure
    June 10, 2016 at 11:26 am (2 years ago)

    Middag Yolandi

    Ek het die vrymoedigheid om vir jou te skryf en jou te komplimenteer op jou mooi artikel – Stap stap deur Stanford baie lekker manier wat jy dit saamgevat
    het, ek wil verseker daar oor gaan bly met my familie.

    Margie Potgieter


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