all white now by morgan taylor {nail colour of the week}

Morgan Taylor is a brand new range of nail colours stocked by Sorbet. So this past week (or should I rather say only for two days) I was sporting the All White Now nail colour from this range. I really love this look (even though I can hear my dad ask why I have Tip […]

L.A. Girl Color Addict Nail Color in Urge {nail colour of the week}

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! I decided that some green nails will be appropriate for this week… This is L.A. Girl Color Addict Nail Color in Urge (GNL 109). I think they should have called it “ogre” instead, as it looks a bit like Schrek’s skin tone. don’t you think? I wouldn’t normally go for a […]

bikini so teeny by essie {nail colour of the week}

Not that anyone around here would be wearing a tiny bikini with the crazy rainy weather that we’ve been having. But hey, who said you can’t wear a ‘blue bikini’ on your nails!? I decided to do just that with the stunning “Bikini so teeny” (nr 800) nail colour by Essie.  Have I mentioned than I’m […]

facial wipes {a zesty test – beauty basics}

I’m on a mission to get my beauty basics in place. Off course we all need fashion colours for our lips, eyes & nails, fragrance & anti-ageing potions & lotions… But, to me, it’s very important to have your beauty basics in place & review them every now & then. Obviously beauty basics are not […]

OPI’s Strawberry Margarita {nail colour of the week}

    “one strawberry margarita, please!” Fancy a cocktail on a scorching day? Me too, which is why I’m loving OPI’s Strawberry Margarita during the hot, summer Jozi months. Yay for pretty pink summer nails! Nails done at Gloss Nail & Beauty (@GlossNail) is based in Birdhaven, Jozi. Contact them on: 011 447 9273. Their manicurists […]

14 fab fragrances for feb

There are only a few things that can make a girl feel instantly sexier and a fab fragrance is one of them. Before the month of February is over, I’d like to share 14 fab scents that I’ve tried, tested & picked over the past few weeks: PERSONAL FAVOURITES 1. Mysterious & appealing. That is […]

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